Blooming pink 🌸 || OOTD

Shirt: Charlotte Russe // Pants: Mango // Shoes: Payless // Bag: Kate Spade 

These days, summer feels like spring most of the time – which I’m not complaining at all. I’m definitely enjoying the fact that I can still wear jeans and not be sweating like crazy. 

The look I have on is for my cousin’s baby shower, who I am SO excited to meet! I picked this outfit, because it’s 1. It’s Appropriate 2. It’s super cute. Pink and white is my favorite combo for any outfits, and to think I used to hate pink. The shirt has a lace pattern over it, so it adds that girly effect. The jeans are boyfriend jeans so they’re extremely comfortable but still looking cute. My shoes are the perfect height, where you’re able to get that extra boost of height but not too high where you’d be tripping all day – and really comfortable. Lastly the bag was a gift from a family friend and it just adds a pop of blue to my whole outfit. 

Much love,


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White Sneaker Trend


This white sneaker trend has been around for a while now, and I’m definitely late in the game. But, I absolutely LOVE this trend. While walking around Philly a few days ago, I saw a couple of people rocking jeans with white sneakers and I fell in love…again.

Here’s a few pairs of white sneakers that are affordable, yet trendy:

Converse sneakers, $75,

Adidas sneakers, $80,

Supra sneakers, $60,

What’s YOUR favorite pair of white sneakers??


Much Love,



All White Everything.

  Top: Marshalls // Blazer: Banana Republic // Shorts: Banana Republic // Bag: Calvin Klein // Shoes: Toms

Going out at night, calls for a good outfit. I wanted to wear something comfortable, but modern, since I will be walking around NYC all night. I picked a pair of comfy booties from Toms, it’s my favorite pair of booties that’s made for walking long distance, while looking good. I wore a pair of cream color shorts from Banana Republic, because it is still the summer, so it’s pretty hot and humid out. I love the detailing on the shorts, it makes a simple pair of shorts look sophisticated. I wore a halter top tank with lace detailing on the bottom as my top, from Marshalls. Since the shirt itself is a little see through, I decided to pair my white blazer from Banana Republic over it. I folded the sleeves up a little, to give it a casual feel to my outfit. To tie it all together, I wore my brown Calvin Klein bag, to give it some color.

Even though not all my items were the perfect shade of white, but it worked. The different shades of white, gave my outfit character. It wasn’t super modern and blend, but it gave it dimension. It’s now one of my new favorite outfit of all time, it’s simple, yet modern.

What’s your idea of simple and modern outfits??

Much Love,


Navy, white, and Calvin Klein.

This was by far one of my favorite outfits I’ve worn all summer!    Sunnies: H&M // Bag: Calvin Klein (Marshalls) // Shoes: Call It Spring // Skort: Thrift Shop // Crop top: H&M

On a hot sunny day like this past weekend, this was definitely the perfect outfit for it. Let’s start with my navy skort, I got that from the thrift shop a few weeks ago. This thrift shop is called, Plato’s Closet. For those that have been there, you know the deal. For those who haven’t, well it’s basically a regular retail store, and they only sell clothes that are on trend and not worn out. The day that I went, they had a grand opening promotion – pay $15 for a bag full of clothes! What a steal! So, I went with my sister and it was a MAD HOUSE. There were SO many people there, and at one point, it was pretty hard to walk around the store. After trying all our clothes on, we decided on what we wanted, but we couldn’t’ really find too much. So we stood in line, which took around 15 minutes because of the sale. As we were about to pay, my sister found those skort, along with 2 other pair of shorts that are applicable to the $15/bag promotion. So I just stuffed it in the bag and was like, if it doesn’t fit, I’ll just donate it. Got home, tried it on and realized it’s a little snugged. I decided to keep it, because it’s just so darn cute!! So that’s the story behind that thrifted find. (If you want to see what else I got, comment below and I’ll do a thirfted haul!)

My Calvin Klein bag was a gift from my sister! She’s so awesome 🙂 She got it for me from Marshalls, because…who doesn’t love that store? You can find almost any name brands there, at an affordable price. What more could a girl ask for?? This bag is the PERFECT shade of brown and the best part is, it was on sale!

This is by far one of my favorite outfits!

Much Love,


Black, White, & Brown

 What an interesting combination of colors, but it worked!  Sunnies: Target // Top: JCPenny // Bottom: TJ Maxx// Flats: CallItSpring

This my professional yet casual outfit. I wore a sheer white blouse with a white tank top underneath, since it was very see-through. Paired it with some regular-ol’ black jeggings and brown flats. This outfit turned out more chic than I though, the colors work super well together and the flats really change the whole look. The brown flats have a wooden pattern detail on it, so it’s not just your plain old brown flats. They are from CallItSpring, which is a brand from JCPenny. Fun Fact: They are actually a brand created from ALDO shoes, so you can get cute and reliable shoes, at an affordable price! I buy almost all my shoes from that brand and they all still look brand new till today.

Have you ever gotten shoes from CallItSpring?? If you did, comment below and tell me your thoughts on their shoes/style!

Much Love,


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White on white trend – love it or hate it??

White-on-white-trendWhite on white – hate it or love it??

I personally LOVE this new WOW trend! Yeah, I gave it my own acronyms (WOW) lol. White has always been one of my favorite colors and this year, you can definitely tell it’s becoming an increasingly popular color to all. White with gold, white with black, white with neutral, you name it – I’ve probably worn it.

Why is WOW such a cool trend?
I love the simplicity of the color white. It gives off a clean and sophisticated vibe, without even trying. Also, it creates such a carefree and chic look when you pair white with white. As you can tell by the pictures on top, you can make it look professional, casual, or fashionable. You can’t really go wrong with the color white. Since white is such a neutral color, you can basically dress up the outfit in a simple way. By just adding a gold clutch or a pair of colored heels, it really helps bring out the outfit further more.

Show me your WOW outfits!

Much Love,


MNG boyfriend jeans 😜


Jeans: Mango // Earrings: Monet // Store: JCPenny 

Hey there loves x, 

You know what’s a piece of clothing that everyone should have in their closet? A pair of boyfriend jeans. Why? Because it’s so versatile. It’s lose enough to feel like you’re wearing sweats, but chic enough to look good. 😉 

I got mine at JCPenny, obviously with coupons; because let’s be honest – clothes are expensive. These white boyfriend jeans were originally $60, but they were on sale for $19.99. Then, I had a $10 off coupon with 20% off or something like that; so I also got a pair of earrings ($9.99). The total for the two items came to be – $10!! How awesome is that?  

** Mango is a brand in JCPenny, and it sells such great quality clothing and a lot of it is business casual. 

Much Love,