White Sneaker Trend

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This white sneaker trend has been around for a while now, and I’m definitely late in the game. But, I absolutely LOVE this trend. While walking around Philly a few days ago, I saw a couple of people rocking jeans with white sneakers and I fell in love…again.

Here’s a few pairs of white sneakers that are affordable, yet trendy:

Converse sneakers, $75, net-a-porter.com

Adidas sneakers, $80,nordstrom.com

Supra sneakers, $60,suprafootwear.com

What’s YOUR favorite pair of white sneakers??


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Fun In Pastel

 Pastel is the go-to color in summer besides the obvious white and black.   Top: H&M // Bottom: MANGO // Shoes: CallItSpring    Close up of outfit A closer look at the close up.

Sun-kissed, tan skin, that’s all anyone asks for in the summer. But, sometimes, a girl’s gotta fake it. How? Well let me tell you a little secrets on pastel, white, and black. Pastel comes in many different kinds of colors: baby blue, baby pink, baby green (basically anything with the word “baby”  in it – in my book, that’s pastel) and much more. Check this Seventeen article out and see how you can pair your pastel clothing. Onto the whites, well, pretty self explanatory. White is such a neutral color that matches with virtually ANYTHING. I LOVE wearing white jeans in the summer, it brings out the tan in me and it matches with my natural skin tone so perfectly. It also creates a chic effortless look by pairing it with a nice blouse on top. Check out this Glamour fashion post on the white on white trend. Lastly, black – unfortunately, it will only make you look tan, if you’re already tan. If you don’t like tanning outside, then check out some self-tanners. Refer to my self-tanner review here.

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White on white trend – love it or hate it??

White-on-white-trendWhite on white – hate it or love it??

I personally LOVE this new WOW trend! Yeah, I gave it my own acronyms (WOW) lol. White has always been one of my favorite colors and this year, you can definitely tell it’s becoming an increasingly popular color to all. White with gold, white with black, white with neutral, you name it – I’ve probably worn it.

Why is WOW such a cool trend?
I love the simplicity of the color white. It gives off a clean and sophisticated vibe, without even trying. Also, it creates such a carefree and chic look when you pair white with white. As you can tell by the pictures on top, you can make it look professional, casual, or fashionable. You can’t really go wrong with the color white. Since white is such a neutral color, you can basically dress up the outfit in a simple way. By just adding a gold clutch or a pair of colored heels, it really helps bring out the outfit further more.

Show me your WOW outfits!

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