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Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, but my least favorite thing about traveling is knowing where to go and what to do. I know what you’re all going to say – “that’s what Google is for.” But…Google can only do so much, until you give up and say “f*ck it!”

I recently discovered The Discoverer and let me just tell you, it’s life changing. You can sign up for it and get a newsletter sent to your email whenever they send it out to their readers. My favorite part of this site is that it lists out the most unique places you should visit in each city and when the best time to go (specific months included)! This is a great tool, because it helps me plan accurately ahead of time, since PTO days aren’t unlimited.

Let me know what your thoughts are on this site and if you think it’s helpful! Leave me a comment below if you signed up.

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SpinnCandy – Gourmet Cotton Candy

  Yesterday, my boyfriend and I were hanging out and decided to take a stroll in Chester, NJ. There’s this new cotton candy store that just opened about 3 months ago. It’s call SpinnCandy, they sell gourmet cotton candy. So basically, it’s not your average cotton candy that you can get from a carnival. The flavors are also super unique and definitely great for all ages. We got a total of 5 flavors, because if you purchase 4, you get the 5th free! “What a deal!” – my boyfriend. In my mind, all I was thinking about, “that’s SO much sugar right there.” But, you can’t keep cotton candy away from a cotton candy lover, aka my boyfriend. Now, I’ll provide you with a review of the flavors we got.
  First flavor: Pina Colada. Let’s be real, who doesn’t love Pina Colada as a drink? I know, I do. It’s so refreshing and so delicious. In this bag of cotton candy, they definitely captured that flavor in it. You can taste the fresh pineapple taste. There wasn’t really much of a coconut taste, but the pineapple flavor made it taste really refreshing. I give this flavor a 9/10.  Marshmallow, the favorite treat everyone loves during campfire. My boyfriend made a joke on how we can use this cotton candy and make s’mores at the bonfire. Lame, I know haha. The flavor just tasted like cotton candy, without any flavors. It tasted like straight spun sugar in a bag. But, I guess that’s really what marshmallow is suppose to taste like. I’m not a sugary person, so this flavor wasn’t one of my favorite. However, I give this flavor a 8/10, because it really captured the flavor well.
  Oh lemon flavor, I saved this for last, because I was actually really interested as to what it would taste like. But, I was so disappointed when I tried it. It tasted like straight on bananas! Although the banana flavor tasted really delicious, but it just wan’t lemon. I think they might of labeled it incorrectly, because there is a banana flavor. If I were to rate this for the lemon flavor, I’d give this a 0/10. But for a banana flavor, I’d give this a 9/10  It’s grape to meet you, that’s me trying to be punny. XD Anyways, this grape flavor tasted like grape cough syrup. I was expecting it to capture the refreshing taste of grape, but then again, it’s hard to capture the natural flavor of grape. I wasn’t a big fan of this flavor, but the color is absolutely beautiful. I love purple! I’d give this a 7/10.
 Lastly, creamsicle. This flavor was the bomb! It literally tasted like a creamsicle pop on a hot sunny day, except this is cotton candy and my hands were super sticky afterwards. The flavor of the orange is really mild, so it was hard to taste, but the vanilla taste was a little more strong. I give this flavor a 9/10.

If you live in the NJ/NY area, definitely stop by and try it out!

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