College, Here I Come

Dear 18 year old me,

Your life is about to change, because college is coming. It’s the most exciting and nerve-wrecking time of your life, you’ll both love it and hate it at the same time. The people you’re going to meet are going to be stuck with you for life, they’re not going anywhere. But, you’ll also be meeting people that you’re never going to speak to ever again, and that’s ok.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re preparing yourself for this journey:

  • Have a meal plan during your freshman year, because you CANNOT live off of kraft mac and cheese every night
  • Join a club freshman year, it’s a great way for you to meet friends and understand your major at the same time
  • Participate in class, because participation points are a thing in college still
  • Don’t buy your books until after your first week of school and if you do, check out Chegg first. Ain’t nobody got time for full priced textbooks
  • Make sure you buy a planner, because it’ll be your life
  • Before your first day of class, go on a quick walk through where your classes are going to be so you’re not late on your first day
  • Check out your roommate(s) online before moving in, better yet – find your roommate online before you move in
  • Buy a bath caddie to put all your bath stuff in, because you’ll most likely be sharing a bathroom with a few girls
  • Get a shoe rack because you’ll thank me
  • Also, don’t forget a snack drawer – during those late nights, you’ll thank me
  • Don’t forget those flip flops for the shower – trust me, you don’t want to stand on those bathroom floors
  • Buy a foam topper for your mattress, because without it, it’ll feel like a cardboard box
  • Do your research. Financial Aid and student loans are hard topics to fully understand. Seek resources when and where you can. Like Earnest, they have great content to help explain how to apply for financial aid and can even help after you graduate.
  • Finally, don’t forget to go out and have fun!

Hope this helps all of you college in-commers J If you have anything you’d like to add in to my list, feel free to add to my list!




My top 5 beauty hacks/tips!

Let’s be honest, being girls is not simple at all. There’s a routine behind it everyday, whether it’s skincare routine, make up routine, or workout routine. Well, I want to help you girls out, here I’ll share with you my top 5 beauty hacks that I’ve learned and done and is still doing.

  1. Oily face, gross! There’s a product out there that’s perfect for this issue – oil blotting sheets. However, we might not always have these handy, I know for sure I don’t. But, don’t you worry, I’ve got just the hack for you! You can actually use toilet paper seat covers as oil blotting sheets! You might think it’s kinda unsanitary, but think about it, it’s in a box. On top of that, you use them to cover the dirty seats for your clean booties. Trust me, it works wonders.
  2. If you’re anything like me, then you’re super impatient at times, especially in the morning. It’s rough waiting for your daily moisturizer to dry in the morning before you put your make up on. So put your hair dryer on the cool setting and aim it at your face.
  3. Oh sh-t! Have you ever had one of those moments in the morning, when you’re rushing out the door and your make up looks like a complete mess? Well, don’t worry. Wherever you messed up, just grab a cotton swab and put some lotion/petroleum jelly and boom, it’s gone.
  4. Ever looked in the mirror in the morning and go, “oh jeez…” Yeah, we all have those. Sometimes, we’re just super tired and need a little help to look awake. Grab a nude eyeliner or white eyeliner, line it on your waterline and bam, you look more awake!
  5. Greasy hair is a BIG no-no, but washing your hair everyday is also a BIG no-no. So, what do we do? Well, you could either use dry shampoo, you can find this at your local Wal-Mart or drugstore. However, I read an article somewhere that using too much dry shampoo is actually bad for your hair. It slows down hair growth and dries out your hair. Instead, the night before, I’ll usually put the back part of my hair into a bun and leave the front bang section of my hair out. I jump in the shower and only wash the front section. You could also do this at the sink, if it’s easier. Wash it out with shampoo only and NO conditioner. You don’t want to make it greasy again.

Hope you enjoyed all my beauty hacks/tips! Let me know if you’ve tried any of them or any beauty hacks that you like that I didn’t list!

Much Love,