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Let’s talk beauty, shall we? I think taking care of your skin is equally as important as eating healthy. Fortunately, there are a bunch of beauty brands out there for you to choose from for your skin type. Choosing the right product is important, because some products contain a high amount of alcohol and it dries your skin out. (We don’t want that) Even though there are a million beauty brands to choose from, my favorite brand for July is – Mario Badescu!

This brand carries products ranging from toners, pimple reducer, facial sprays, face wash and much more. My favorite products are the below:

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  1. The Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater is TO DIE FOR. I love spraying onto my face mid-day when I’m at work, to help wake my skin up.
  2. Glyotic Foaming Cleanser – let me just tell you, a little goes a LONG way.
  3. Oil free Moisturizer – when they say it’s oil free, it’s truly oil free. LOVE IT.
  4. Drying Lotion – so…the biggest con about this is the smell, but I swear it WORKS.

Try out the products and let me know which one is your fav! Mine’s the facial spray.

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Eyebrow Tint | #BeautyHack

How many of my readers have sparse eyebrows and is sick and tired of filling them in every single day?? Cause I know I am. I’m going to share with you my favorite eyebrow products and my recent discovery that will solve your problem.

For the past few months, my favorite go-to eyebrow pencil is from KIKO MILANO. This store is located at almost every mall I’ve been to in New Jersey. If you have trouble finding one located near you, they have a website that I’ve attached above!

This Precision Eyebrow Pencil is my holy grail and I LOVE it. The color pigmentation is ahhhh-mazing and the price is a steal! ($9.99) The product is almost as great as the Anastasia Eyebrow Pencil, which is crazy. I would recommend this product to anyone of my friends/family/readers/anyone, and I know anyone would love it too.

But…if you’re getting tired to filling them in all the time, every single day; then keep on reading. I’ve recently discovered EYEBROW TINT!! (I know it’s been around for a while, but I was always too afraid to try.)

Godefroy Eyebrow Tint  Kit, Dark Brown

The Godefroy Eyebrow Tint Kit is sold on Amazon, Ebay, and in some stores. The price for the eyebrow tint varies from $10-13, but it comes with a large amount of product. Each box comes with a: 20 Pre-measured Color Capsules, Cream Developer 1.5 oz, Reusable Applicator Brush, Mixing Cup, Instruction Sheet. It claims that it lasts for  uses, but each capsule can be used for several applications and you can’t keep it after you’ve mixed it with the cream developer. So, here’s my little tip for you: Go to the dollar store and purchase a contact case – open the capsules and pour 2 in the left side, and pour in some cream developer in the right side.

So, here’s my little tip for you: Go to the dollar store and purchase a contact case – open the capsules and pour 2 in the left side, and pour in some cream developer in the right side. For each application, use the brush included and scoop out a little bit and pour it into the mixing cup; repeat the same process for the cream developer. Mix the mixture into a creamy consistency and start dabbing on your eyebrows. Leave it on for 1-2 minutes, wipe it off with warm water and pat dry with tissue. Mine lasted for a week, which is pretty good for me!

Let me know if you end up trying this product on your own and your feedback on it!


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PHO-tastic! 🍜

Pho thanh huong in Parsippany, NJ

This weekend, my family and I stumbled upon this restaurant in Parsippany, NJ. It’s a Vietnamese restaurant. It looks like a small restaurant on the outside, but it’s actually pretty nice inside. The staff is incredibly friendly, but the AC was really low. For anyone that has had pho, you know how important it is to have AC while eating it. Basically, we were all sweating. But the food was amazing.

I ordered the brisket pho, size medium, $7.69 (around that price). The bowl is huge, there was a good chunk of brisket too, as well as noodles. The mint and bean sprouts that they serve you is so fresh. I’ve been to a pho restaurant before, where all the mint were wilting.

We also got some appetizers. The Vietnamese spring roll and this shrimp paste bamboo roll. The Vietnamese spring roll was so crunchy and the sauce and the lettuce was so fresh. Definitely one of the best spring roll I’ve had thus far. The shrimp paste bamboo roll was a little odd. It tasted almost like plastic, wouldn’t recommend that appetizer.

 Overall, I LOVED this restaurant and will definitely return back ASAP!! If you’re ever in the NJ area, definitely try this pho restaurant out!

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SpinnCandy – Gourmet Cotton Candy

  Yesterday, my boyfriend and I were hanging out and decided to take a stroll in Chester, NJ. There’s this new cotton candy store that just opened about 3 months ago. It’s call SpinnCandy, they sell gourmet cotton candy. So basically, it’s not your average cotton candy that you can get from a carnival. The flavors are also super unique and definitely great for all ages. We got a total of 5 flavors, because if you purchase 4, you get the 5th free! “What a deal!” – my boyfriend. In my mind, all I was thinking about, “that’s SO much sugar right there.” But, you can’t keep cotton candy away from a cotton candy lover, aka my boyfriend. Now, I’ll provide you with a review of the flavors we got.
  First flavor: Pina Colada. Let’s be real, who doesn’t love Pina Colada as a drink? I know, I do. It’s so refreshing and so delicious. In this bag of cotton candy, they definitely captured that flavor in it. You can taste the fresh pineapple taste. There wasn’t really much of a coconut taste, but the pineapple flavor made it taste really refreshing. I give this flavor a 9/10.  Marshmallow, the favorite treat everyone loves during campfire. My boyfriend made a joke on how we can use this cotton candy and make s’mores at the bonfire. Lame, I know haha. The flavor just tasted like cotton candy, without any flavors. It tasted like straight spun sugar in a bag. But, I guess that’s really what marshmallow is suppose to taste like. I’m not a sugary person, so this flavor wasn’t one of my favorite. However, I give this flavor a 8/10, because it really captured the flavor well.
  Oh lemon flavor, I saved this for last, because I was actually really interested as to what it would taste like. But, I was so disappointed when I tried it. It tasted like straight on bananas! Although the banana flavor tasted really delicious, but it just wan’t lemon. I think they might of labeled it incorrectly, because there is a banana flavor. If I were to rate this for the lemon flavor, I’d give this a 0/10. But for a banana flavor, I’d give this a 9/10  It’s grape to meet you, that’s me trying to be punny. XD Anyways, this grape flavor tasted like grape cough syrup. I was expecting it to capture the refreshing taste of grape, but then again, it’s hard to capture the natural flavor of grape. I wasn’t a big fan of this flavor, but the color is absolutely beautiful. I love purple! I’d give this a 7/10.
 Lastly, creamsicle. This flavor was the bomb! It literally tasted like a creamsicle pop on a hot sunny day, except this is cotton candy and my hands were super sticky afterwards. The flavor of the orange is really mild, so it was hard to taste, but the vanilla taste was a little more strong. I give this flavor a 9/10.

If you live in the NJ/NY area, definitely stop by and try it out!

Much Love,


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Fresco Mexican in Chester, NJ

   Our food
 Up close & personal with our Bocadillo Platter -$13.95

If you live around the NJ/NY area, then you should definitely try out this small Mexican restaurant, located in Chester, NJ. It’s call: Fresco Mexican. The shop itself is fairly small, but it’s big enough for their business. They have seating inside and outside, we chose to sit outside because of the nice breeze that day.

We ordered the: Bocadillo Platter, which includes Chicken Empanadas, Beef Taquitos, and Guacamole. Everything tasted SO homemade and so delicious. The guacamole tasted so fresh and chunky, just the way I like it. Every sitting also comes with a complimentary chips and salsa, with mild and hot sauce on the side. The chips were so crispy, almost tasted like pita chips, but better. The salsa was so chunky and definitely homemade. The mild sauce was not too spicy, but spicy enough to give it a little flavor.

The overall setting of the restaurant is so relaxing and definitely a great place for couples for their first date or friends that want to grab a quick lunch. However, I didn’t really enjoy the staff too much. Don’t get me wrong, they were polite, but our server kept coming to our table asking if we’re going to order anything else, and when we said no, they kept coming out trying to clear our plates when we weren’t even done. It almost felt like they wanted us to leave ASAP. But like I mentioned before, the food is amazing, I would definitely go back for the food!

Have you ever been there before? If you did, comment below!

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