Day dreaming about Hong Kong

It’s crazy to think that I was in Hong Kong just a few weeks ago and I was wearing shorts…unreal. But nevertheless, I was loving it.

Nobody planned for this warm weather and retail stores are all rolling or sweaters and putting their summer items on sale. And that’s where I snagged this cute romper from H&M for only $15!!!

But don’t worry, I can throw on some black tights and pair it with some black booties and I’m good to go for fall. 😉

Much Love,


RUST-ing away

RUST – my new favorite color of the season. (Honestly, who comes up with these names? Cause I’d like to get a job there) Rust is the perfect mixture of orange and red with a hint of yellow, making it a great color complimenting any skin tone. Whether you’re pale like myself or you’re blessed with tan skin, this color will be your go to this season.

I found THE perfect jumpsuit in this color, check it out & let me know your thoughts!

 F21 Halter Jumpsuit |$18

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Blooming pink 🌸 || OOTD

Shirt: Charlotte Russe // Pants: Mango // Shoes: Payless // Bag: Kate Spade 

These days, summer feels like spring most of the time – which I’m not complaining at all. I’m definitely enjoying the fact that I can still wear jeans and not be sweating like crazy. 

The look I have on is for my cousin’s baby shower, who I am SO excited to meet! I picked this outfit, because it’s 1. It’s Appropriate 2. It’s super cute. Pink and white is my favorite combo for any outfits, and to think I used to hate pink. The shirt has a lace pattern over it, so it adds that girly effect. The jeans are boyfriend jeans so they’re extremely comfortable but still looking cute. My shoes are the perfect height, where you’re able to get that extra boost of height but not too high where you’d be tripping all day – and really comfortable. Lastly the bag was a gift from a family friend and it just adds a pop of blue to my whole outfit. 

Much love,


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I got that boho feeling in NYC.

Hat: Streets of NYC // Top: Forever 21 // Pants: Marshalls // Sandals: JCPenny // Bag: H&M // Necklace: Charming Charlie

Walking down the streets of NYC feeling like a bohemian princess. Boho is probably one of my favorite type of outfits to wear in the world, it’s so comfortable and really shows people your personality. This outfit particularly really shows who I am and my characteristic. I wore this outfit on a hot summer day, the pants are flowy enough to not feel too hot and the crop top helps me cool down. I went with a simple black and white color pattern, rather than adding any colors to it. I love the simplicity of this outfit.

What’s your go-to, simple outfit??

Much Love,


All White Everything.

  Top: Marshalls // Blazer: Banana Republic // Shorts: Banana Republic // Bag: Calvin Klein // Shoes: Toms

Going out at night, calls for a good outfit. I wanted to wear something comfortable, but modern, since I will be walking around NYC all night. I picked a pair of comfy booties from Toms, it’s my favorite pair of booties that’s made for walking long distance, while looking good. I wore a pair of cream color shorts from Banana Republic, because it is still the summer, so it’s pretty hot and humid out. I love the detailing on the shorts, it makes a simple pair of shorts look sophisticated. I wore a halter top tank with lace detailing on the bottom as my top, from Marshalls. Since the shirt itself is a little see through, I decided to pair my white blazer from Banana Republic over it. I folded the sleeves up a little, to give it a casual feel to my outfit. To tie it all together, I wore my brown Calvin Klein bag, to give it some color.

Even though not all my items were the perfect shade of white, but it worked. The different shades of white, gave my outfit character. It wasn’t super modern and blend, but it gave it dimension. It’s now one of my new favorite outfit of all time, it’s simple, yet modern.

What’s your idea of simple and modern outfits??

Much Love,


Ripped up-classy outfit

   Shirt: Banana Republic // Jeans: Levi’s (Thrift Shop) // Bag: Calvin Klein // Sandals: Arizona

Today is the first day of August, surprisingly it wasn’t too hot out. Fun fact: I had leather shorts on right before I changed into these thrifted Levi’s jeans. The weather was perfect, it was sunny with a little breeze here and there. My family and I went to a Chinese restaurant with our family friends. (Click here for the Chinese food blog.) We’ve been to this restaurant for a while now, their portions are pretty big and food is delicious. However, the location isn’t the greatest, it could definitely be relocated. Onto my outfit…


My grey knitted tank is from Banana Republic, it was on sale for $12, originally $60. The back of the shirt has an open back detail, it’s so pretty. Also, the open back isn’t too revealing. This shirt is perfect for all seasons, definitely worth the buy! The ripped Levi’s jeans is from a thrift shop. I bought it for $7, what a steal! The rips are perfectly ripped, not too big, but big enough to give off the edgy vibe. My Calvin Klein bag is from Marshalls, on sale for $70. My sissy actually bought this for me, so sweet! Lastly, my sandals that I definitely over wear is from Arizona, I’ve had them for years.

What do you think of this outfit?

Much Love,


One shade of Grey

 Shirt: Banana Republic // Jeggings: TJMAXX // Watch: DKNY // Necklace: Charming Charlie

Firstly, I’d like to apologize for the bad quality pictures. I was unable to take my outfit picture outside, utilizing the natural light outside. But, I still liked my casual outfit and wanted to share with you guys! My grey shirt is from Banana Republic for $8 on sale. The shirt itself is so soft and so comfortable to wear. The open back is a little too big for me, but it’s doable. It’s very casual, but it adds a little “oomph” to the outfit. Definitely recommend this casual tee to everyone, it’s so easy to pair. For myself, I paired it with my black jeggings that I got from TJMAXX years ago. I loved this casual outfit and will definitely repeat this outfit again.

What’s your favorite casual outfit??

Much Love,


Navy, white, and Calvin Klein.

This was by far one of my favorite outfits I’ve worn all summer!    Sunnies: H&M // Bag: Calvin Klein (Marshalls) // Shoes: Call It Spring // Skort: Thrift Shop // Crop top: H&M

On a hot sunny day like this past weekend, this was definitely the perfect outfit for it. Let’s start with my navy skort, I got that from the thrift shop a few weeks ago. This thrift shop is called, Plato’s Closet. For those that have been there, you know the deal. For those who haven’t, well it’s basically a regular retail store, and they only sell clothes that are on trend and not worn out. The day that I went, they had a grand opening promotion – pay $15 for a bag full of clothes! What a steal! So, I went with my sister and it was a MAD HOUSE. There were SO many people there, and at one point, it was pretty hard to walk around the store. After trying all our clothes on, we decided on what we wanted, but we couldn’t’ really find too much. So we stood in line, which took around 15 minutes because of the sale. As we were about to pay, my sister found those skort, along with 2 other pair of shorts that are applicable to the $15/bag promotion. So I just stuffed it in the bag and was like, if it doesn’t fit, I’ll just donate it. Got home, tried it on and realized it’s a little snugged. I decided to keep it, because it’s just so darn cute!! So that’s the story behind that thrifted find. (If you want to see what else I got, comment below and I’ll do a thirfted haul!)

My Calvin Klein bag was a gift from my sister! She’s so awesome 🙂 She got it for me from Marshalls, because…who doesn’t love that store? You can find almost any name brands there, at an affordable price. What more could a girl ask for?? This bag is the PERFECT shade of brown and the best part is, it was on sale!

This is by far one of my favorite outfits!

Much Love,


Bae watching in Hoboken, NJ

Looking at bae, aka NYC ❤     I whip my hair back and forth, haha jk.
Arm band: Icings // Dress: JCPenny // Shoes: Call It Spring // Bag: Coach // Sunnies: Target

My family and I decided to go to Hoboken, New Jersey for the first time in forever yesterday. The breeze felt so nice against our skin as we stepped out our car. We saw a local soccer game happening, it was real intense. We walked on the “board walk” area, which basically is just a walkway along the side of the Hudson River.  As you look up, you’ll see a small image of New York City right in front of you. It looks so small and peaceful. New York City looks so quiet from afar, all the stress and pollution seem to disappear. The water looks so calm and rough at the same time from the wind. So let me tell you a little bit about Hoboken! Hoboken is basically a NYC, but less crowded. It has all the advantages of a city, like beauty scenery, restaurants everywhere, late hours, etc. except less busy.

My outfit is a super boho, casual outfit that I would wear everyday. The dress has a simple floral pattern on it, it’s from JCPenny. You wouldn’t think you could find cute clothing at JCP, but you’d be surprise. The sandals are also from JCPenny as well. I’ve had them for years, so they’re kinda old. The studs are also falling off of them, I need a new pair! My bag is from coach, super slim, but big enough to hold everything I need. The arm band is from Icings, it was super inexpensive and it’s actually my sisters. It just added a little more boho feel to the outfit. Lastly, my sunnies are my usual ones from Target. Super comfy and super stylish.

Have you been to Hoboken? If so, where should I check out there??

Much Love,


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