Wedding SZN

So you’re going to a wedding…now what?
It’s August, so it’s wedding season! All my friends are going to weddings left and right, while I’m over here still waiting for someone to get married. (No pressure, friends!) Weddings are SO fun…I LOVE THEM.
From the ceremony, to the 1st dance, to the food, to the booze, to the dancing, the list goes on. Honestly, weddings are like prom but with way more chaperones and it includes booze (if you’re 21+).
Although weddings are fun, they’re also stressful for both the bride & groom and the guests. There’s always that lingering question – “what kind of gift do I get them?” I still ask that question and didn’t find the answer till now because I’ve found Zola, the ultimate wedding tool (aka the best wedding registry option out there). Here’s a couple tips on what to do and not to do when giving a wedding gift:
  • Shop on the registry – the couple picked out exactly what they want as a gift, how easy is that?
  • If you’re close with the couple, be sure to include a personal touch. (i.e. adding their initial to a pair of cups)
  • Besides a gift on the registry, you also need to include real money. (Your wedding is the perfect time to have your friends and family buy you everything you ever wanted mwhaha, jk..kinda) Not sure how much to give? A rule of thumb is, if you’re just friends, $50-$100, if you’re family, $100+.
  • Don’t bring the gift to the wedding!!! Although, watching the bride and groom carrying their brand new table in their gown would be pretty funny.
  • Don’t show up late to a wedding, it’s super awkward.
  • Don’t show up empty handed, at least bring a card with some cash inside of it.
  • Don’t get too drunk from the free booze and make a fool of yourself. (I’ve seen that happen and it’s NOT pretty)
Let me know what you’d want as a gift when you get married/what was your fav gift you received from your registry?

I got that boho feeling in NYC.

Hat: Streets of NYC // Top: Forever 21 // Pants: Marshalls // Sandals: JCPenny // Bag: H&M // Necklace: Charming Charlie

Walking down the streets of NYC feeling like a bohemian princess. Boho is probably one of my favorite type of outfits to wear in the world, it’s so comfortable and really shows people your personality. This outfit particularly really shows who I am and my characteristic. I wore this outfit on a hot summer day, the pants are flowy enough to not feel too hot and the crop top helps me cool down. I went with a simple black and white color pattern, rather than adding any colors to it. I love the simplicity of this outfit.

What’s your go-to, simple outfit??

Much Love,


Why falling in love is the best feeling in the world?

If you’re anything like me, then you most likely, love Nicolas Sparks movies, or any kind of love movies. As much as I hate to admit it, I secretly love it. I love watching two people slowly fall for each other and eventually fall in love. When I was younger, I always dreamed about  that “magical” moment, but who didn’t? As i got older, I thought it was more and more unrealistic and even not possible. I remember at one point, I actually told myself that – love ain’t real. (haha, in those exact words too.)

I’ll be realistic, you might not find that special someone until later on in your life – and that’s okay. You might meet him/her in high school, college, your first job, the unconventional bar, or at a friend’s party. Who knows where you’ll meet him/her? But, I think that’s the fun of it. The anticipated feeling that you will soon be so heads over heels for someone that you know or haven’t even met. I remember when I had that feeling and I thought it was the most magical feeling in the world, and I wasn’t even in love yet!

Then one day out of nowhere, you meet someone so amazing that you just can’t help but smile. Everything he/she does is so perfect. From the way he/she walks, talks, acts, you love it all. I call this the “I like him/her so much, I think I might be a stalker” phase. You want to know everything that he/she is interested in and how you can incorporate that into your life and spark a connection. Eventually, you end up being friends with them. You start to talk and find common interest, yay! You two exchange phone numbers, and stay up every night talking on the phone/texting. The world seems to disappear as you allow yourself to melt into this relationship. It’s just you and him/her against the world. That feeling right there, is what makes falling in love so great. When you feel like nothing is in your way of happiness and he/she is on the other side, ready to commit.

Being in a committed relationship is hard work and I’m sure anyone in one can agree. But, I can guarantee anyone can agree that it’s so worth it in the end. Seeing that smile on his/her face at the end of the day, that’s what makes it so worth it. To be honest, what doesn’t take hard work and effort? School, work, family, friends, everything takes time. As long as you truly believe that it’s totally worth it, then you go for it! Love conquers all. 🙂

Much Love,


Up, up, and away!

 Look Ma, I’m flying a plane
Over & out!   The plane we flew.
Here’s my boo!    Global Aviation Corp

“YOU’RE GONNA FLY A PLANE FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY!!” As those words slipped out of my mouth, I can see my boyfriend’s happiness turn to excitement. He looked like a kid trying candy for the first time, so cute! As the day got closer, he got more and more excited and nervous; and I, remained kinda – emotionless. I can’t really think of a word to describe how I felt, but I just wasn’t as excited about it as my boyfriend was. I think I was just trying to remain calm and not psych myself out about all the bad things that could happen on that plane ride. Usually, before I do any crazy activities, I tend to search up – “wisdom teeth surgery gone wrong” or in this case, “plane ride gone wrong”. Especially with all the crazy plane crash stories lately, it’s kind of hard not to think about it. My boyfriend hates that about me, but you know, you want to be prepared for the worst. Or as he would say – you’re just being silly.

The day finally approached and I can honestly say, I was SUPER excited and nervous about it. It’s really happening, like omg I might die in the next hour or so feeling. As we approach the plane, we were both kinda speechless. We felt the adrenaline rushing through our body, as we stepped into the plane, getting ready for take off. Our instructor gave us approx. a 15 minute or less of instruction on how to fly this plane. We both take turns flying the plane, my boyfriend flew us to CT and I flew us back. There were a million things I wanted to ask while he was giving us instructions, but my mind was drawing a blank. Out of the blue, the instructor said, “Okay, we’re gonna start flying now.” All I remember was thinking – Oh shit, what the heck?? We’re flying? Wait, what’s going on? OMG WE’RE GONNA DIE!!!!! Keep in mind, I was freaking out because my boyfriend was the one flying it and we only had a 15 min orientation. Once again, I was freaking out for no reason at all. (I bet as my boyfriend is reading this, he’s probably laughing at how silly I am.)

The plane ride itself was around 30 minutes of flying per person. It’s a small, one engine plane, ours was called the Piper. It has a dual control system, so the instructor can essentially take over at any time. Our instructor was really laid back and fun. When we were on the ground getting ready to fly, we had to control the plane on the ground. There are two pedals on the bottom, just like a car, you utilize them to turn left and right on the ground. As you’re navigating on the ground, you start speeding up your engine and once you hit the 70mpg mark, you start pulling the steering wheel back towards you half way for lift off. When you’re in the air, it’s a pretty smooth ride. As a passenger, you can take pictures and enjoy the view. As the pilot, you have to really pay attention to the sky (aka your road) and make sure you’re leveled. The ride itself was pretty smooth and relaxing. The landing is probably the hardest part, but fortunately, we don’t land the planes. I wouldn’t trust myself landing a plane and not crash into the ground.

Overall, the whole experience was unbelievable. Definitely recommend this company to anyone who is looking to fly a plane. The staff is super friendly and helpful. The location is nice.

Much Love,


MOMA date <3

   – Enjoying a cup of coffee – 
  Coffee, sunnies, & sugar
  Coffee date with this cutieOur view 

We all love art, whether is historic, modern, or “weird art that we will never understand what it means”. Yesterday, my boyfriend and I went on a little date in NYC and we decided to stop by the MOMA museum. He just went there a couple of days ago and this was my first time. When you think of museums, you think of yourself spending the whole day there and enjoying the art, sculpture, etc. But…since we were running a little late from our previous activity, we only had around 30 minutes to spare. In case you didn’t know, the MOMA museum closes at 5:30pm; (Which is normal museum time, but we just assumed that it’d be open later) we arrived at 5:00pm and practically ran in. The only reason why he wanted to bring me was for the rooftop cafe. He said it was a beautiful view and the environment itself is amazing; so naturally, I was intrigued.

We quickly ran into the elevator and pressed “5”. Went to the hostess and asked for 2 seating outside, by the balcony. As the hostess speak, our happiness level went from 10 to a solid 3, real fast. She apologized and said that they are starting to clean up the balcony and that they can’t seat any more people. My boyfriend insisted to sit outside, in a polite manner. Explaining to her that we drove all the way from NJ, just to have a cup of coffee at the rooftop cafe. After (what it feels like) 5 minutes of persistent from our end, the hostess finally gave in and allowed us to sit outside. As we sip our latte and cappuccino, we looked out and admire the beautiful view of the city. While we were sipping our drinks, I obviously had to snap a few pictures – for my memory and more importantly – my blog, obviously! (I’m only kidding)

It felt so peaceful up on the rooftop cafe. Not a worry in the world. With absolutely no stress in my mind, I looked at my boyfriend and – smiled.

Let me know if you have ever been to the MOMA museum before!

Much Love,



   Black sesame ice cream from Matcha Love – large $4.95
Green tea and red bean pancakes with mochi – $2.50/piece Salmon sashimi over rice – $8.50

Let me tell you about Mitsuwa, it’s located in Edgewater, NJ. It’s a supermarket that mainly sells Japanese food items, but there are also restaurants inside. The supermarket itself sells fresh meat and fish, along with fresh vegetables and other non-perishable items. My family and I went to Mitsuwa mainly for lunch, but we ended up buying food for our hot pot dinner the next day. While we were looking for food at Mitsuwa, I stepped outside my comfort zone and got something other than a fried pork cutlet over rice (which is delicious, btw!). As you can see from above, I got myself a bowl of salmon sashimi over rice. It came with a bowl of miso soup and a small container of soy sauce. The salmon was so tender and juicy, and I don’t usually have sashimi! The rice was so perfectly moist and sticky; the miso soup was the perfect amount of saltiness and water. Overall, my meal was a 10/10.

After lunch, my sweet tooth was yelling  – “get me something sweet!”, so I looked around. I usually go for this pancake like substance, where they put red bean paste inside, and mold it into a fish shape. But, I got something different this time. I got myself a black sesame ice cream from Matcha Love. Let me tell you about this ice cream – it was SO creamy and the black sesame taste was SO strong. You were definitely getting what you paid for. Lastly, we also tried something new. I’m not sure what they are called – but they made the dough right in front of your face. It almost taste like a pancake, with a crepe texture. They filled it with green tea and red bean paste, with mochi on the side; so we got two of each. It was really tasty, but definitely not worth $2.50/piece. However, if it’s your first time trying it, I’d splurge on it.

Have you guys ever been to Mitsuwa??

Much Love,


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Have you guys ever heard of the site SHOWPO?? Well if you haven’t, then you’re definitely MISSING OUT. This site is filled with beautiful and affordable clothing for girls ages 18+. I’ve picked out my top 10 my favorite items from their site, check it out!

  1. Snowed In Coat in Beige – $59
  2. Curved Edges dress in wine – $51
  3. That’s A Wrap Coat in Beige – $50
  4. Fallen Fold Two Piece Set in White Stripe – $50
  5. China Doll Shift Dress in White Print – $49
  6. Staying Alive Playsuit in Brown Print – $47
  7. Free In Spirit Dress in Navy Tie Dye – $42
  8. Mystics Top in White Lace – $41
  9. Cut Short Crop Top in Khaki – $38
  10. Risk It Dress in Grey – $33

A little bit about SHOWPO


Showpo started off as Show Pony in a little garage in Sydney back in September 2010. Jane, our founder, was so bored in her corporate job as a business analyst, and coudn’t imagine spending the rest of her life between those grey cubicle walls, so quit her job and started Showpo. She had a dream to provide girls with fun, on-trend fashion for a really great price that is affordable for all. We opened our first store merely two months after opening, and soon another in Sydney CBD Westfield. Through channelling social media and staying at the forefront of new innovative trends, Showpo has managed to excel in the highly competitive women’s fashion industry. In January 2013 we closed down our bricks and mortar store, a great day for us because the online sector is skyrocketing and it meant we could focus all our efforts on the most profitable and saleable part of the business.


Today, Showpo has 11 happy staff members and is growing at an exponential rate. If you step into our office, you will find the space abuzz with awesome music, camera snaps, typing fingers and laughter! We have a really great office environment and our team is constantly growing. As Jane calls it “it’s just like high school, you get to hang out with your friends every day, but the assignments are fun and there’s no detention!” Our office is adorably white and pink – and the “Pony Lounge” chill out area (our fave place for a few cheeky Friday after work drinks) is decked out in sweet tunes, comfy couches and always good times! We even have a bed in our office if you need a quick snooze after a big night! The flow in and out of colourful stock keeps our world going round. We are constantly seeking out best practices, and innovative new strategies to further the business and we of course love looking after our online community of happy shoppers!

Check out the cheeky little video we made one slow day at work back in our old warehouse –>


Showpo aims to be the largest online boutique retailer of women’s fashion in Australia, and then who knows… THE WORLD! and though we are well on our way to achieving our goals, there is still a long way to go! A top priority is to nurture our community of quirky, bright and bubbly Showpo girls!

Check out our “SHOWPO TV” youtube channel for a behind-the-scenes look at the craziness that is our growing fashion empire!! 🙂

Much Love,


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My ultimate to-do list

My ultimate to-do list consists of activities and tasks that I want to accomplish in my lifetime. This list grows daily, help me add to it!

  1. Go skydiving
  2. Go fishing
  3. Go cliff jumping
  4. Go on a roller coaster
  5. Go to college
  6. Get a full-time job
  7. Meet someone famous
  8. Go running
  9. Try yoga
  10. Get married
  11. Start a family
  12. Graduate college
  13. Buy my own car
  14. Go to a Beyonce concert
  15. Get a dog
  16. Be kind to everyone
  17. Donate your unwanted clothes
  18. Help out at a soup kitchen
  19. Rent a car
  20. Go on a road trip with friends
  21. Go on the vacation of your dreams (Mines Australia ;P)
  22. Be confident

Comment below as to what I should add to my list that you have done or want to do, and think it will be fun!

Much Love,


White on white trend – love it or hate it??

White-on-white-trendWhite on white – hate it or love it??

I personally LOVE this new WOW trend! Yeah, I gave it my own acronyms (WOW) lol. White has always been one of my favorite colors and this year, you can definitely tell it’s becoming an increasingly popular color to all. White with gold, white with black, white with neutral, you name it – I’ve probably worn it.

Why is WOW such a cool trend?
I love the simplicity of the color white. It gives off a clean and sophisticated vibe, without even trying. Also, it creates such a carefree and chic look when you pair white with white. As you can tell by the pictures on top, you can make it look professional, casual, or fashionable. You can’t really go wrong with the color white. Since white is such a neutral color, you can basically dress up the outfit in a simple way. By just adding a gold clutch or a pair of colored heels, it really helps bring out the outfit further more.

Show me your WOW outfits!

Much Love,


Cheers to the unknown!

It’s hard to think about the future when you’re still so young yourself. Most of us are still confuse and lost; we don’t know what we are going to do after graduation. Many of us are still unemployed and still working at their local pizza shop, restaurant, retail, etc. But, some of us have got it all figured out. (not including myself)

I envy people who have it all together, because I seriously need some major SOS. Being a 21 years old college student, everyone thinks I should know exactly what I want to do, where I want to live, have everything figured out. But I don’t. Am I worried? Of course I am. Am I scared? SO scared for the future. All I can do at this moment forward is to work hard, network, and succeed. It’s so difficult and upsetting to think about the unknown, but in a positive twist, it could be a good thing!

Ah the unknown…It’s scary. But think of it as an experiment that can never fail. No matter how many shitty jobs you will be applying to or accepting, it’s not a permanent job. In every job you work at, you learn a little more about yourself. Everyday I work, I understand myself better and help myself find myself.

“Fall down seven times, get up eight times.” – unknown

I live by this quote, I love it, it helps motivate me. No matter how many times I fail, I will always get back up and start over. If you are afraid to fail, then you should just quit now, because quitters are the true failures in life. Don’t be a quitter, be a go-getter. And just remember, the future may be scary, but the thought of not trying / quitting is much scarier. Don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone; think outside the box.

Much Love,