College, Here I Come

Dear 18 year old me,

Your life is about to change, because college is coming. It’s the most exciting and nerve-wrecking time of your life, you’ll both love it and hate it at the same time. The people you’re going to meet are going to be stuck with you for life, they’re not going anywhere. But, you’ll also be meeting people that you’re never going to speak to ever again, and that’s ok.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re preparing yourself for this journey:

  • Have a meal plan during your freshman year, because you CANNOT live off of kraft mac and cheese every night
  • Join a club freshman year, it’s a great way for you to meet friends and understand your major at the same time
  • Participate in class, because participation points are a thing in college still
  • Don’t buy your books until after your first week of school and if you do, check out Chegg first. Ain’t nobody got time for full priced textbooks
  • Make sure you buy a planner, because it’ll be your life
  • Before your first day of class, go on a quick walk through where your classes are going to be so you’re not late on your first day
  • Check out your roommate(s) online before moving in, better yet – find your roommate online before you move in
  • Buy a bath caddie to put all your bath stuff in, because you’ll most likely be sharing a bathroom with a few girls
  • Get a shoe rack because you’ll thank me
  • Also, don’t forget a snack drawer – during those late nights, you’ll thank me
  • Don’t forget those flip flops for the shower – trust me, you don’t want to stand on those bathroom floors
  • Buy a foam topper for your mattress, because without it, it’ll feel like a cardboard box
  • Do your research. Financial Aid and student loans are hard topics to fully understand. Seek resources when and where you can. Like Earnest, they have great content to help explain how to apply for financial aid and can even help after you graduate.
  • Finally, don’t forget to go out and have fun!

Hope this helps all of you college in-commers J If you have anything you’d like to add in to my list, feel free to add to my list!





Sometimes, we all just need to sit back and relax. Whether we decide to watch Netflix, shopping, binge eat, or work out, we define relaxing on our own terms. My definition is a combination of all 4 that I just listed, I’m kind of a multi-interest girl. Is multi-interest even a word?? Anyways, whenever I decide to sit back and relax, I always tend to daydream a lot. I feel like it’s a great way to unwind and understand yourself better. Often, I think about my future and dream about what it will hold for me. It’s hard to know exactly where you’re going to be in 5 years or what you’re going to be doing, but it shouldn’t stop you from creating an achievable goal for yourself.

I feel as if every goal is achievable, as long as you believe in yourself. That might sound a little naive, but if you think about it, is it really? If you put your heart and soul into it, you can definitely achieve it. It might feel like your dream is so far fetch, but to me, I think it’s so great that you have such big dreams. That just proves that you’re a dreamer and we need more of them in this world. For myself, I know my dream is to hopefully have my own clothing line one day. And let’s be real here, that’s a little crazy. I think the crazier your dream is, the more rewarding it’s going to feel in the end.

No matter how big your dreams are, you’re going to have to start small. Everybody came from nothing and became something. Remember that, perfection takes time. Just take small steps, take on little related jobs. It might not be the best paying jobs, or the most glamorous jobs, but it’ll at least teach you more about the industry you’re interested in. Most importantly, be yourself and have fun. Don’t try to be someone you’re not, people can see right through that.

Much Love,


Penne Vodka with Chicken and Peppers

    Total cook time: 30 minutes || Prep time: 5 minutes || Total cost: <$16

So…I decided to try and create a penne vodka dish with a twist of peppers. This wasn’t as creamy as I’d like it to be, probably because the vodka sauce and pasta ratio was way off. Anyways, it was still delicious, if you want to know how I create this dish – keep reading!

You’ll need….

1 box of ziti
4 chicken thighs (they’re more tender than breast)
1 red bell pepper
1 green bell pepper
1 yellow bell pepper
1 bottle of vodka sauce
1 1/2 teaspoon of Montreal Chicken blend
1 1/2 teaspoon of Chili Powder
salt and pepper to taste

First, you’re going to dice up the chicken thighs. Then, start cutting the peppers into thinly strips and cut that in half, so it’s almost the width of the diced up chicken. Start by putting some olive oil and butter into a pan, heat it up in medium heat. Once it’s heated up, start putting the peppers in and allow that to cook for 5 minutes. Take it out of the pan and put it aside. At this time, start cooking that pasta based on the box instructions.Then put more olive oil and butter onto the heated pan, start cooking the chicken. Move the chicken around constantly, don’t allow it to get burned. By moving it around, it allows the chicken to get cooked evenly and not dry it up. Once the chicken is cooked through, put the peppers back in. By this time, your pasta is most likely done. Drain it and put it aside. Back to the chicken, pour in the vodka sauce. Put the lid on and allow it to simmer for around 2-3 minutes. Start putting the pasta onto the plates, then pour the chicken and peppers mixture on top of it. I added some dry parsley for garnish and red pepper flakes for taste. ENJOY!

Let me know if you recreate this dish!

Much Love,


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No Aluminum Deodorant – Why??

Many women nowadays uses deodorant on a daily basis – which is actually a good thing. BUT, many of us are probably unaware of the harm that deodorant can cause on your body. According to a quote from WebMD, “I just got information from a health seminar that I would like to share. The leading cause of breast cancer is the use of antiperspirant. Yes, ANTIPERSPIRANT. Most of the products out there are an anti-perspirant/deodorant combination so go home and check your labels.” This subject is particularly sensitive to me and I try to advocate as many people as possible. However, this isn’t to tell you that you will not get breast cancer whatsoever, it just decreases your chance.

After using regular deodorant that contains aluminum, among other chemicals, I’ve never had a complaint about it. I’ve always loved how it does its job and it helps me stay fresh. Until, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. This happened about a year ago and in this year, we’ve learned a lot about decreasing our chances from getting breast cancer. When my mom told me to switch my deodorant to no aluminum deodorant, I was a little resistant. I didn’t like any of the scents the no aluminum deodorant carries and the variety is small. But, I did pick up a deodorant in the end. I picked this up as my first no aluminum deodorant.


You can purchase this product here.

My first initial reaction to this deodorant was – this smells like baby powder. I used it anyways, but throughout the day, I can smell the scent was fading. It almost felt like the deodorant wasn’t even working and I wasn’t wearing any. I stayed with this for around two weeks, because I wanted to really test it out. It didn’t get any better – so I picked up a new brand.

no alumnium deodorant

You can purchase this product at any drug store. This Arm & Hammer no aluminum deodorant in Fresh scent, is probably the best no aluminum drug store deodorant I’ve tried. The scent smells really – fresh – haha. The deodorant itself needs reapplication throughout the day, so I’d just bring it along with you to work. I usually reapply it 1-2 times depending on what I was doing that day. It feels so great to know that I am applying something that is natural on my underarm. The reason being using a no aluminum deodorant is so important is because – “antiperspirant prevents the body from “purging toxins,” which, when trapped, find their way into the lymph nodes, where they concentrate and contribute to the cellular changes that lead to cancer.” – WebMD

I highly suggest every women to change their deodorant and switch to a no aluminum deodorant. You may tell yourself that your risk of getting breast cancer is slim, but you won’t know until it occurs, then it’s too late. So why not help yourself decrease that chance, with a small change?

Much Love,


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Cheers to the unknown!

It’s hard to think about the future when you’re still so young yourself. Most of us are still confuse and lost; we don’t know what we are going to do after graduation. Many of us are still unemployed and still working at their local pizza shop, restaurant, retail, etc. But, some of us have got it all figured out. (not including myself)

I envy people who have it all together, because I seriously need some major SOS. Being a 21 years old college student, everyone thinks I should know exactly what I want to do, where I want to live, have everything figured out. But I don’t. Am I worried? Of course I am. Am I scared? SO scared for the future. All I can do at this moment forward is to work hard, network, and succeed. It’s so difficult and upsetting to think about the unknown, but in a positive twist, it could be a good thing!

Ah the unknown…It’s scary. But think of it as an experiment that can never fail. No matter how many shitty jobs you will be applying to or accepting, it’s not a permanent job. In every job you work at, you learn a little more about yourself. Everyday I work, I understand myself better and help myself find myself.

“Fall down seven times, get up eight times.” – unknown

I live by this quote, I love it, it helps motivate me. No matter how many times I fail, I will always get back up and start over. If you are afraid to fail, then you should just quit now, because quitters are the true failures in life. Don’t be a quitter, be a go-getter. And just remember, the future may be scary, but the thought of not trying / quitting is much scarier. Don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone; think outside the box.

Much Love,


Everyone needs a little down time ☕️😌


Photo credit: Jessica Chu // Jacket: Michael Kohrs // Shirt: Wet Seal // Jeans: American Eagle//

Hello lovlies xx,

We all love to go out, have fun, party, work, etc. But, after a long day, we all want to do one thing – RELAX. Here’s a few tips on how to unwind your mind and body.

Tip #1: Take a nap! This can help you regain energy the natural way.

Tip #2: Grab a cup of hot tea. Tea can help you relax your mind with every sip you take. Don’t substitute tea with coffee! Coffee helps you stay alert and focus.

Tip #3: Listen to some soothing music. 🎶 My personal favorite is the solo piano station on Pandora.

Tip #4: Watch Netflix. Catch up on your favorite TV series!

Tip #5: Go for a walk. 🚶🏼It can help you clear your mind and get your exercise in!

If you have any other tips that you personally do and work, comment below! I’d love to know 💕 xx
Much Love,