Czigmeister • Hackettstown, NJ

A few days ago, my friends and I went on a beer adventure and we found this little hidden gem call Czigmeister. Czigmeister is this cool, hipster brewery located in Hackettstown, NJ. The environment is super chill & all they have is beer- no food.

However, the upside is, you can bring whatever kind of food you would like. You could stop by your local grocery store and pick up some finger food, such as: chips & salsa, chips & dip, chips & guac (can you guess what my favorite finger food is?)  or you can order delivery. Either way, it’s a fun time.

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XFinity Live! | Philadelphia, PA

A few weekends ago, I got a chance to go to XFinity Live! in Philly and it was a pretty interesting night. We first got an Uber to drive us from our college to the destination. Our Uber driver was the absolutely best, she was hilarious but awkward at the same time. Imagine your high school bus driver, with big glasses, a baseball cap, big funky hair and sweats. Got that image? Well that’s what our Uber driver looked like. If I could request her every time, I definitely would.

When we first got to XFinity Live! we didn’t have to pay a cover because my boyfriend’s roommate had a free cover. (That came in clutch, because #BrokeCollegeStudentStatus) We started at the 1100 Social Bar, which is located in the front of the entrance. The bar has a restaurant with a full menu and a bar attached to it. They had a happy hour deal from 8pm – 11pm, so we tried to take advantage of that. Unfortunately, I accidentally ordered a drink that wasn’t on the happy hour menu for a whoopin’ $10 for a cocktail. I mean it was pretty damn delicious, but I wasn’t planning on spending $10 a drink… After my first drink, I learned my lesson and decided to only get well drinks. Basically it consisted of me getting a few Gin and Ginger all night, aka my FAVORITE drink of all time.

After a few drinks in, we decided we wanted to get some crab fries from Chickie’s and Pete’s but unfortunately it was closed. 😦 But we settled for Geno’s Steak instead, which was really delicious – definitely recommend it to everyone.

If 1100 Social Bar doesn’t sound too appealing to you, There’s also 3 other bars in Xfinity Live! Each bar with different music and environment. The bars are: Broad St. Bullie8, PBR Bar & Grill and Victory Beer Hall. Broad St. Bullie8 has a similar feel to 1100 Social Bar, but it’s a little less “sophisticated”. It feels like a relaxing place for people to whine down and relax. PBR Bar & Grill on the other hand has a mechanical bull in the bar, and I personally didn’t ride it, but it looked pretty fun. It’s definitely the place to be if you’re turning 21 and want to have a little more fun. Lastly, Victory Beer Hall is a pretty chill environment. They have a live band playing at night and a patio with a bonfire. It’s definitely a place for people who want to have fun but relax at the same time. I definitely liked Victory Beer Hall the most out of all the bars.

Update: I went back last weekend and I still liked Victory Beer Hall the most out of all the bars. 

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Livin’ that High Line Life


“Let’s go to a historic railroad in NYC, and walk around all day in the blazing hot sun!!” – my mom. As those words were coming out of her mouth, I remembered my dad, sister, and I looked at each other, then looked at her, and said “NO” But, somehow she convinced us to all go and…it was fun!

The scenery is beautiful, from the historical railroad to the magnificent art on buildings. Did I also mention that it’s definitely a place where every instagrammer should go?

Have you ever been there? If so, what did you do?
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Bring it on, 10 mile bike ride💪🏼


I went on a 10 mile bike ride with my boyfriend a few days ago. This trail is call the Columbia Trail, it also connects a few towns together. It’s hard to tell you where it’s located, because you can start from any point in any town you’d like. 

We started in a town call Long Valley, NJ, ended up in Califon, NJ. We found a stream on the way and stopped for a few pictures. But, I really wanted to stop so I could rest. We can keep that in the DL. Once we arrived in Califon, we got a quick lunch at a place call Rambo’s Country Store. Such a cute little store, it’s been around since the 1990’s. I’ll have that blog up in a few days, you don’t want to miss out! 

How do you like to work out? 

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Six Flags Adventure!

Recently, I went to Six Flags Great Adventure Amusement Park in Jackson, New Jersey. This is probably one of the best amusement parks in New Jersey, it’s also one of the few amusement parks in New Jersey as well. I’ve been going to Six Flags since I was 14 years old. I remember the first time I stepped foot onto Six Flags, I thought it was the coolest park ever. Side note: it was also the first amusement park I’ve been to in America. I ran through the park and waited in lines that took more than an hour, but I didn’t care. Back to my Six Flags adventure yesterday, it was the perfect day to go. It was sunny at times, but it was mostly cloudy. It was still hot enough to be outside in shorts and a tank top. The clouds gave us the perfect shade and breeze that we needed really badly, from standing outside in line all day long.

The lines at each amusement parks weren’t really too long, the longest wait was around 30 minutes. The park itself was pretty packed for a Thursday, I might add. Side note: we saw this guy who literally cut through every single person in line and didn’t get caught, it was crazy to watch. Waiting in line wasn’t all that bad, especially with good company. I went with my boyfriend, his brother, and their family friend. All the rides were really fun and we all really enjoyed it. (If you’d like for me to rate all the rides for you, please leave a comment below and I’ll write a review!)

At the end of the night, my boyfriend played a basketball game and won me a GIANT donut pillow. (Scroll down for pictures.) It was so nice to see that he won it for me, even though I donut (ha, see what I did there?) know where to put it in my room. It’s almost as big as me! Overall, it was definitely an eventful day.

We also recorded part of our day, so if you’d like, you can check out my vlog here. If you like the vlogs along with my blogs, then comment below and I’ll start doing it more!

  Shoes: Keds // Shorts: Thrift Shop // Shirt: Dr. Jays // Bralette: JCPenny // Backpack: Thirft Shop // Donut Pillow: BAE WON IT FOR ME!
I just thought this picture was funny and wanted to share with y’all! ❤

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My ultimate to-do list

My ultimate to-do list consists of activities and tasks that I want to accomplish in my lifetime. This list grows daily, help me add to it!

  1. Go skydiving
  2. Go fishing
  3. Go cliff jumping
  4. Go on a roller coaster
  5. Go to college
  6. Get a full-time job
  7. Meet someone famous
  8. Go running
  9. Try yoga
  10. Get married
  11. Start a family
  12. Graduate college
  13. Buy my own car
  14. Go to a Beyonce concert
  15. Get a dog
  16. Be kind to everyone
  17. Donate your unwanted clothes
  18. Help out at a soup kitchen
  19. Rent a car
  20. Go on a road trip with friends
  21. Go on the vacation of your dreams (Mines Australia ;P)
  22. Be confident

Comment below as to what I should add to my list that you have done or want to do, and think it will be fun!

Much Love,