RUST-ing away

RUST – my new favorite color of the season. (Honestly, who comes up with these names? Cause I’d like to get a job there) Rust is the perfect mixture of orange and red with a hint of yellow, making it a great color complimenting any skin tone. Whether you’re pale like myself or you’re blessed with tan skin, this color will be your go to this season.

I found THE perfect jumpsuit in this color, check it out & let me know your thoughts!

 F21 Halter Jumpsuit |$18

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I’m officially 23!

About a month ago, I officially turned 23! I’m not sure how I feel about this age because according to Blink 182 – nobody likes you when you’re 23.

But I guess Blink was wrong because some of my friends came out and celebrated my special day with me. (yay friends for showing up, even though I planned this 3 days before!) For the past 2 years, I’ve been having my birthday bash in Morristown, New Jersey. If you have never been there before, think of it as a small NYC town, except on a much smaller scale. There are a few modern bars & restaurants in the center of Morristown & it’s definitely a popping place at night.

Since my birthday is in January, it’s FREEZING out at night. So on the night of my birthday bash, I went for a more comfy-chic look (I also came straight from work in the city). Most of my outfit is from the most affordable yet chic store in the world – H&M. (LOVE)

Jacket: H&M | Shirt: H&M | Belt: H&M | Pants: Hollister | Shoes: Mandees 

Let me know what you think about my birthday bash outfit & what is your go-to comfy chic store?

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Blooming pink 🌸 || OOTD

Shirt: Charlotte Russe // Pants: Mango // Shoes: Payless // Bag: Kate Spade 

These days, summer feels like spring most of the time – which I’m not complaining at all. I’m definitely enjoying the fact that I can still wear jeans and not be sweating like crazy. 

The look I have on is for my cousin’s baby shower, who I am SO excited to meet! I picked this outfit, because it’s 1. It’s Appropriate 2. It’s super cute. Pink and white is my favorite combo for any outfits, and to think I used to hate pink. The shirt has a lace pattern over it, so it adds that girly effect. The jeans are boyfriend jeans so they’re extremely comfortable but still looking cute. My shoes are the perfect height, where you’re able to get that extra boost of height but not too high where you’d be tripping all day – and really comfortable. Lastly the bag was a gift from a family friend and it just adds a pop of blue to my whole outfit. 

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White Sneaker Trend


This white sneaker trend has been around for a while now, and I’m definitely late in the game. But, I absolutely LOVE this trend. While walking around Philly a few days ago, I saw a couple of people rocking jeans with white sneakers and I fell in love…again.

Here’s a few pairs of white sneakers that are affordable, yet trendy:

Converse sneakers, $75,

Adidas sneakers, $80,

Supra sneakers, $60,

What’s YOUR favorite pair of white sneakers??


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Simply Casual

          Top: JCPenny // Boyfriend Jeans: MANGO // Necklace: Charming Charlie // Sunnies: H&M // Bag: H&M

Who has ever worn a super casual outfit, but it turned out to be a super cute outfit?? I know I have. Today was one of those days. I was running late (as usual) for my internship, and I had to shower, get dressed, put my make up on, do my hair, and make my lunch before I leave. Wow, what a list! As I was stepping out of my shower, I already knew what I wanted to wear and in my mind – it seemed like a safe outfit. So, as time went on, I did my make up, blew dry my hair, curled it, and eventually, got dressed. I looked at myself in the mirror and I felt really confident, because of my outfit. Here’s a little tip: Dress up whenever you can, because a good outfit can give a girl a boost of confidence you can’t get anywhere else. 

When trying to find a cute, casual outfit, you need to start out with simple and basic items. Try and pick out neutral color shirt from your closet and pair it with a neutral color bottom. If I were to recreate this outfit for the winter – I would put a tan color sweater cardigan over the entire outfit. That helps keep the neutral pallet pattern, but keeps you warm from the cold. However, if you live in California and the weather is super hot all the time, then I would pair it differently. I would wear a pair of white cuffed shorts, to replace the white jeans. I hope this helps!

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