College, Here I Come

Dear 18 year old me,

Your life is about to change, because college is coming. It’s the most exciting and nerve-wrecking time of your life, you’ll both love it and hate it at the same time. The people you’re going to meet are going to be stuck with you for life, they’re not going anywhere. But, you’ll also be meeting people that you’re never going to speak to ever again, and that’s ok.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re preparing yourself for this journey:

  • Have a meal plan during your freshman year, because you CANNOT live off of kraft mac and cheese every night
  • Join a club freshman year, it’s a great way for you to meet friends and understand your major at the same time
  • Participate in class, because participation points are a thing in college still
  • Don’t buy your books until after your first week of school and if you do, check out Chegg first. Ain’t nobody got time for full priced textbooks
  • Make sure you buy a planner, because it’ll be your life
  • Before your first day of class, go on a quick walk through where your classes are going to be so you’re not late on your first day
  • Check out your roommate(s) online before moving in, better yet – find your roommate online before you move in
  • Buy a bath caddie to put all your bath stuff in, because you’ll most likely be sharing a bathroom with a few girls
  • Get a shoe rack because you’ll thank me
  • Also, don’t forget a snack drawer – during those late nights, you’ll thank me
  • Don’t forget those flip flops for the shower – trust me, you don’t want to stand on those bathroom floors
  • Buy a foam topper for your mattress, because without it, it’ll feel like a cardboard box
  • Do your research. Financial Aid and student loans are hard topics to fully understand. Seek resources when and where you can. Like Earnest, they have great content to help explain how to apply for financial aid and can even help after you graduate.
  • Finally, don’t forget to go out and have fun!

Hope this helps all of you college in-commers J If you have anything you’d like to add in to my list, feel free to add to my list!




Some College Advices

Hello lovelies xx, I want to share my personal experience I’ve had in college these past few years. I am currently a senior in college/university, and I want to share a few life lessons and advices that I’ve gathered throughout the years.

  1. DON’T be lazy! Being lazy is the worst thing you can do at any place. When you are lazy, it makes you tired, unhappy, and not active. Don’t lay in bed all day and watch Netflix. It’s not worth the time and you’re basically just throwing your expensive tuition out the window.
  2. Join different clubs. As a senior, I’ve been apart of 2 different clubs on campus. I am apart of the American Marketing Association and International Club, luckily, I hold an eboard position for both clubs. Clubs not only help you not be lazy, but it gives you experiences you can’t get from classes. I’ve learned so much about marketing from my Marketing Club, and I cannot be more thankful.
  3. Go to the lame-ass school events. Yeah, we all have those school events. But you should go to them and appreciate them. A lot of the school events are run by students. They put a lot effort into it and you should at least go out and support your peers. Not only that, once you graduate, you will NEVER get the chance to attend those events again. So go to them!
  4. Be Active. Take advantage of the FREE school gyms while you can. Gym memberships tend to be expensive. Make a gym schedule with your roommate(s), friend(s), or your significant other. I went a lot with my boyfriend, and we would work out, play basketball, racquetball, or any kind of sports we can find. It was not only fun, but it kept us active.
  5. Listen in class. Teachers, parents, they always advice us to listen in class. They were right. Don’t go on your phone and zone out. You’ll be missing a lot of valuable information. These information are to help you with your future, not only to pass that test. You will thank me later.
  6. Go out of your comfort zone!! Don’t be afraid to try something new. College is all about trying different things, don’t hesitate to do so. This is the only time in your life, where you can do something crazy and be forgiven.

Share your college experiences with me! xx

Much Love,