Blooming pink 🌸 || OOTD

Shirt: Charlotte Russe // Pants: Mango // Shoes: Payless // Bag: Kate Spade 

These days, summer feels like spring most of the time – which I’m not complaining at all. I’m definitely enjoying the fact that I can still wear jeans and not be sweating like crazy. 

The look I have on is for my cousin’s baby shower, who I am SO excited to meet! I picked this outfit, because it’s 1. It’s Appropriate 2. It’s super cute. Pink and white is my favorite combo for any outfits, and to think I used to hate pink. The shirt has a lace pattern over it, so it adds that girly effect. The jeans are boyfriend jeans so they’re extremely comfortable but still looking cute. My shoes are the perfect height, where you’re able to get that extra boost of height but not too high where you’d be tripping all day – and really comfortable. Lastly the bag was a gift from a family friend and it just adds a pop of blue to my whole outfit. 

Much love,


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City Kitchen in NYC | Foodie Review

Do you love food and hate how restaurants don’t have a wide range of variety? Well, City Kitchen is the place for you! City Kitchen’s layout is essentially an IKEA food hall layout, but with different vendors in the food hall. The vendors range from sushi to mexican food to seafood to dessert. You will never get bored or hungry when you’re here.

Here’s a list of  their vendors and their menus:

Azuki | BOX | Dough | Gabriela’s Taqueria | Kuro-Obi | Lukes | Whitmans

At Azuki, I didn’t get anything because I got SO much food everywhere else.

At BOX, I got a Roasted Duck (shawarma) which was different than the usual shawarma that I’ve had. It was different but really delicious. Imagine a peking duck with shawarma sauce inside a pita wrap, that’s what it tasted like.

At Dough, I got a Dulce de Leche with Tasted Almonds doughnut that was HUGE. It was bigger than the size of my hand, but again, it was delicious. The dough wasn’t hard, it was flaky and the toppings were to die for.

At Gabriela’s Taqueria, I got an Al Pastor tacos and it was delicious, again. The taco shell was freshly made and so were the fillings. It was super moist and tasty, definitely one of the best tacos I’ve ever had.

At Kuro-Obi, I got a Pork Bun which is essentially a steamed bun that is shaped like a taco shell, but soft and moist with pork belly inside. It was DELICIOUS and very tasty. It came with two buns, so the portions were small, but definitely worth the money.

At Lukes, I got a Lobster Roll which I’ve gotten before in Boston, and it’s still just as good as I remembered. The bread was perfectly toasted and the lobster was drenched in butter. OMG thinking about it makes my mouth water. 

Lastly, I didn’t get anything from Whitmans because they had burgers and fries and I’ve had that every day for the past few days. I can’t help it, but I LOVE BURGERS AND FRIES!!

After trying out most of the vendors, I have to say…I CAN’T CHOOSE A FAVORITE, THEY’RE ALL SO DELICIOUS AND YUMMY!!!!


If you ever end up trying out City Kitchen or have ever went to City Kitchen, let me know which vendor was your favorite!

Much Love,


Bae watching in Hoboken, NJ

Looking at bae, aka NYC ❤     I whip my hair back and forth, haha jk.
Arm band: Icings // Dress: JCPenny // Shoes: Call It Spring // Bag: Coach // Sunnies: Target

My family and I decided to go to Hoboken, New Jersey for the first time in forever yesterday. The breeze felt so nice against our skin as we stepped out our car. We saw a local soccer game happening, it was real intense. We walked on the “board walk” area, which basically is just a walkway along the side of the Hudson River.  As you look up, you’ll see a small image of New York City right in front of you. It looks so small and peaceful. New York City looks so quiet from afar, all the stress and pollution seem to disappear. The water looks so calm and rough at the same time from the wind. So let me tell you a little bit about Hoboken! Hoboken is basically a NYC, but less crowded. It has all the advantages of a city, like beauty scenery, restaurants everywhere, late hours, etc. except less busy.

My outfit is a super boho, casual outfit that I would wear everyday. The dress has a simple floral pattern on it, it’s from JCPenny. You wouldn’t think you could find cute clothing at JCP, but you’d be surprise. The sandals are also from JCPenny as well. I’ve had them for years, so they’re kinda old. The studs are also falling off of them, I need a new pair! My bag is from coach, super slim, but big enough to hold everything I need. The arm band is from Icings, it was super inexpensive and it’s actually my sisters. It just added a little more boho feel to the outfit. Lastly, my sunnies are my usual ones from Target. Super comfy and super stylish.

Have you been to Hoboken? If so, where should I check out there??

Much Love,


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