Ripped up-classy outfit

   Shirt: Banana Republic // Jeans: Levi’s (Thrift Shop) // Bag: Calvin Klein // Sandals: Arizona

Today is the first day of August, surprisingly it wasn’t too hot out. Fun fact: I had leather shorts on right before I changed into these thrifted Levi’s jeans. The weather was perfect, it was sunny with a little breeze here and there. My family and I went to a Chinese restaurant with our family friends. (Click here for the Chinese food blog.) We’ve been to this restaurant for a while now, their portions are pretty big and food is delicious. However, the location isn’t the greatest, it could definitely be relocated. Onto my outfit…


My grey knitted tank is from Banana Republic, it was on sale for $12, originally $60. The back of the shirt has an open back detail, it’s so pretty. Also, the open back isn’t too revealing. This shirt is perfect for all seasons, definitely worth the buy! The ripped Levi’s jeans is from a thrift shop. I bought it for $7, what a steal! The rips are perfectly ripped, not too big, but big enough to give off the edgy vibe. My Calvin Klein bag is from Marshalls, on sale for $70. My sissy actually bought this for me, so sweet! Lastly, my sandals that I definitely over wear is from Arizona, I’ve had them for years.

What do you think of this outfit?

Much Love,