Stripes in the sun ☀️ 

If you’re ever in downtown Tampa and looking for a cute date idea, go to the Riverwalk. It’s such a relaxing walk and the scenery is to die for. At the end of the walk, there’s a fine arts museum that you can go to. (You have to pay for admission obviously) Also, this place is one of the best places to go watch the sunset 🌅. *fellas, you’re welcome” 

Shirt: forever 21 // Shorts: JCPenney // Shoes: G.H.Bass // Belt: H&M // Bag: Coach // Sunnies: H&M 

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Czigmeister • Hackettstown, NJ

A few days ago, my friends and I went on a beer adventure and we found this little hidden gem call Czigmeister. Czigmeister is this cool, hipster brewery located in Hackettstown, NJ. The environment is super chill & all they have is beer- no food.

However, the upside is, you can bring whatever kind of food you would like. You could stop by your local grocery store and pick up some finger food, such as: chips & salsa, chips & dip, chips & guac (can you guess what my favorite finger food is?)  or you can order delivery. Either way, it’s a fun time.

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Livin’ that High Line Life


“Let’s go to a historic railroad in NYC, and walk around all day in the blazing hot sun!!” – my mom. As those words were coming out of her mouth, I remembered my dad, sister, and I looked at each other, then looked at her, and said “NO” But, somehow she convinced us to all go and…it was fun!

The scenery is beautiful, from the historical railroad to the magnificent art on buildings. Did I also mention that it’s definitely a place where every instagrammer should go?

Have you ever been there? If so, what did you do?
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Six Flags Adventure!

Recently, I went to Six Flags Great Adventure Amusement Park in Jackson, New Jersey. This is probably one of the best amusement parks in New Jersey, it’s also one of the few amusement parks in New Jersey as well. I’ve been going to Six Flags since I was 14 years old. I remember the first time I stepped foot onto Six Flags, I thought it was the coolest park ever. Side note: it was also the first amusement park I’ve been to in America. I ran through the park and waited in lines that took more than an hour, but I didn’t care. Back to my Six Flags adventure yesterday, it was the perfect day to go. It was sunny at times, but it was mostly cloudy. It was still hot enough to be outside in shorts and a tank top. The clouds gave us the perfect shade and breeze that we needed really badly, from standing outside in line all day long.

The lines at each amusement parks weren’t really too long, the longest wait was around 30 minutes. The park itself was pretty packed for a Thursday, I might add. Side note: we saw this guy who literally cut through every single person in line and didn’t get caught, it was crazy to watch. Waiting in line wasn’t all that bad, especially with good company. I went with my boyfriend, his brother, and their family friend. All the rides were really fun and we all really enjoyed it. (If you’d like for me to rate all the rides for you, please leave a comment below and I’ll write a review!)

At the end of the night, my boyfriend played a basketball game and won me a GIANT donut pillow. (Scroll down for pictures.) It was so nice to see that he won it for me, even though I donut (ha, see what I did there?) know where to put it in my room. It’s almost as big as me! Overall, it was definitely an eventful day.

We also recorded part of our day, so if you’d like, you can check out my vlog here. If you like the vlogs along with my blogs, then comment below and I’ll start doing it more!

  Shoes: Keds // Shorts: Thrift Shop // Shirt: Dr. Jays // Bralette: JCPenny // Backpack: Thirft Shop // Donut Pillow: BAE WON IT FOR ME!
I just thought this picture was funny and wanted to share with y’all! ❤

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Up, up, and away!

 Look Ma, I’m flying a plane
Over & out!   The plane we flew.
Here’s my boo!    Global Aviation Corp

“YOU’RE GONNA FLY A PLANE FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY!!” As those words slipped out of my mouth, I can see my boyfriend’s happiness turn to excitement. He looked like a kid trying candy for the first time, so cute! As the day got closer, he got more and more excited and nervous; and I, remained kinda – emotionless. I can’t really think of a word to describe how I felt, but I just wasn’t as excited about it as my boyfriend was. I think I was just trying to remain calm and not psych myself out about all the bad things that could happen on that plane ride. Usually, before I do any crazy activities, I tend to search up – “wisdom teeth surgery gone wrong” or in this case, “plane ride gone wrong”. Especially with all the crazy plane crash stories lately, it’s kind of hard not to think about it. My boyfriend hates that about me, but you know, you want to be prepared for the worst. Or as he would say – you’re just being silly.

The day finally approached and I can honestly say, I was SUPER excited and nervous about it. It’s really happening, like omg I might die in the next hour or so feeling. As we approach the plane, we were both kinda speechless. We felt the adrenaline rushing through our body, as we stepped into the plane, getting ready for take off. Our instructor gave us approx. a 15 minute or less of instruction on how to fly this plane. We both take turns flying the plane, my boyfriend flew us to CT and I flew us back. There were a million things I wanted to ask while he was giving us instructions, but my mind was drawing a blank. Out of the blue, the instructor said, “Okay, we’re gonna start flying now.” All I remember was thinking – Oh shit, what the heck?? We’re flying? Wait, what’s going on? OMG WE’RE GONNA DIE!!!!! Keep in mind, I was freaking out because my boyfriend was the one flying it and we only had a 15 min orientation. Once again, I was freaking out for no reason at all. (I bet as my boyfriend is reading this, he’s probably laughing at how silly I am.)

The plane ride itself was around 30 minutes of flying per person. It’s a small, one engine plane, ours was called the Piper. It has a dual control system, so the instructor can essentially take over at any time. Our instructor was really laid back and fun. When we were on the ground getting ready to fly, we had to control the plane on the ground. There are two pedals on the bottom, just like a car, you utilize them to turn left and right on the ground. As you’re navigating on the ground, you start speeding up your engine and once you hit the 70mpg mark, you start pulling the steering wheel back towards you half way for lift off. When you’re in the air, it’s a pretty smooth ride. As a passenger, you can take pictures and enjoy the view. As the pilot, you have to really pay attention to the sky (aka your road) and make sure you’re leveled. The ride itself was pretty smooth and relaxing. The landing is probably the hardest part, but fortunately, we don’t land the planes. I wouldn’t trust myself landing a plane and not crash into the ground.

Overall, the whole experience was unbelievable. Definitely recommend this company to anyone who is looking to fly a plane. The staff is super friendly and helpful. The location is nice.

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MOMA date <3

   – Enjoying a cup of coffee – 
  Coffee, sunnies, & sugar
  Coffee date with this cutieOur view 

We all love art, whether is historic, modern, or “weird art that we will never understand what it means”. Yesterday, my boyfriend and I went on a little date in NYC and we decided to stop by the MOMA museum. He just went there a couple of days ago and this was my first time. When you think of museums, you think of yourself spending the whole day there and enjoying the art, sculpture, etc. But…since we were running a little late from our previous activity, we only had around 30 minutes to spare. In case you didn’t know, the MOMA museum closes at 5:30pm; (Which is normal museum time, but we just assumed that it’d be open later) we arrived at 5:00pm and practically ran in. The only reason why he wanted to bring me was for the rooftop cafe. He said it was a beautiful view and the environment itself is amazing; so naturally, I was intrigued.

We quickly ran into the elevator and pressed “5”. Went to the hostess and asked for 2 seating outside, by the balcony. As the hostess speak, our happiness level went from 10 to a solid 3, real fast. She apologized and said that they are starting to clean up the balcony and that they can’t seat any more people. My boyfriend insisted to sit outside, in a polite manner. Explaining to her that we drove all the way from NJ, just to have a cup of coffee at the rooftop cafe. After (what it feels like) 5 minutes of persistent from our end, the hostess finally gave in and allowed us to sit outside. As we sip our latte and cappuccino, we looked out and admire the beautiful view of the city. While we were sipping our drinks, I obviously had to snap a few pictures – for my memory and more importantly – my blog, obviously! (I’m only kidding)

It felt so peaceful up on the rooftop cafe. Not a worry in the world. With absolutely no stress in my mind, I looked at my boyfriend and – smiled.

Let me know if you have ever been to the MOMA museum before!

Much Love,