Carlos Bakery in Hoboken, NJ

HI everyone! I just recently became a writer for the Odyssey Online, check out my newest article here. If you agree with what I wrote, then please share it on your social media, it’ll help me a tremendous amount! 🙂   My family and I went to Hoboken, NJ this past weekend for my sister’s early early birthday celebration. All she kept saying was, “I want to go to Carlos Bakery!!” So, we searched for the address and finally found it! The store itself is fairly small, not as big as I thought it was going to be. The first thing you do is take a ticket, our said “15”. We were only on number 88 at that point. As we were waiting for our number, we were looking at all the delicious pastries and try and decide which 3 pastries we want to get. We decided on the below two:
Mixed berries cheesecake! It was soo fluffy and creamy, so delicious. The berries taste so fresh, it doesn’t taste like it’s been sitting on top of the cheesecake for days. The cheesecake had this crust that tasted super doughy. It almost tasted like dough that is cooked on the outside, but a little uncooked on the inside. Can you just picture that?? We also got the…  Dark chocolate mousse cake! I wasn’t the biggest fan of this. It was quite messy and the chocolate was really strong. We thought it was a cake, but it turned out to be a mousse cake, so we were kinda disappointed. But the chocolate was really smooth, if you’re into that, then this cake is for you!

 I would definitely go again and try different pastries!

Have you ever been there?! If so, what did you get?

Much Love,



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