Fresco Mexican in Chester, NJ

   Our food
 Up close & personal with our Bocadillo Platter -$13.95

If you live around the NJ/NY area, then you should definitely try out this small Mexican restaurant, located in Chester, NJ. It’s call: Fresco Mexican. The shop itself is fairly small, but it’s big enough for their business. They have seating inside and outside, we chose to sit outside because of the nice breeze that day.

We ordered the: Bocadillo Platter, which includes Chicken Empanadas, Beef Taquitos, and Guacamole. Everything tasted SO homemade and so delicious. The guacamole tasted so fresh and chunky, just the way I like it. Every sitting also comes with a complimentary chips and salsa, with mild and hot sauce on the side. The chips were so crispy, almost tasted like pita chips, but better. The salsa was so chunky and definitely homemade. The mild sauce was not too spicy, but spicy enough to give it a little flavor.

The overall setting of the restaurant is so relaxing and definitely a great place for couples for their first date or friends that want to grab a quick lunch. However, I didn’t really enjoy the staff too much. Don’t get me wrong, they were polite, but our server kept coming to our table asking if we’re going to order anything else, and when we said no, they kept coming out trying to clear our plates when we weren’t even done. It almost felt like they wanted us to leave ASAP. But like I mentioned before, the food is amazing, I would definitely go back for the food!

Have you ever been there before? If you did, comment below!

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