Oh, the Connecticut breeze

The past two days, I had the privilege to work a wedding in Connecticut. Specifically, in Farmington, CT. The venue is in the Tuxis Pavillion, it’s located in a Country Club. As you drive to the venue, you see people playing golf, racing in their golf carts, etc. The venue itself is an open area, kinda dull, it’s different. But it looks beautiful with all the decorations everywhere. But enough about the wedding!

As we drive through Connecticut, we pass by all these pretty little shops. If you’re from New Jersey, it kinda reminds me of driving through Chester. All the shops are the same size and all looks very home-ie. They all look incredibly inviting and it look like a great place to wander around. We saw a family owned ice cream parlor, bbq place, etc. But, we weren’t going to walk around those places at 8pm, so we just drove by it and admired it from afar.

All in all, I really think everyone should stroll through Conneticut sometime in their life.
Much Love,



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