10 ways to maintain a happy & healthy relationship

tumblr_nbngbsxXwr1r6ooeio1_500Let’s be real, building a relationship with your significant other can be at times difficult, but I know we can all agree that it’s worth it in the end. We’re all craving for that butterfly in your stomach, laughing uncontrollably, be silly with relationship. They’re hard to come by, but so worth the wait. However, once you find that right guy, you’re stuck with him forever. (haha, just kidding.) At this point, you’re most likely in your “Honeymoon stage”, where you’re always laughing with one another, never a dull moment. However, this moment doesn’t last too long. You eventually bring yourself to reality and you finally see the good and bad about that person. Nobody is perfect, but when you love someone, the good always outweighs the bad. If you still agree with everything I say up to this point, and have similar experience with yourself, then keep on reading.

If you want to maintain a healthy and happy relationship with that person, you’re going to have to work hard. No one said relationships are easy. It’s all about living by these 10 values.

  1. Be honest with one another.
    Don’t lie to your significant other, because eventually, he/she will most likely find out. If you lie once, you will lie again, just to cover that first lie. If you’re a girl and your best guy friend wants to hang out with you, but your boyfriend gets jealous. Tell your boyfriend that you’re hanging out with him, if he loves you, he’d just be happy you told him ahead of time.
  2. Trust.
    Always, always, always believe in your significant other. If you can’t trust your boyfriend/girlfriend, then don’t be with them. Trust is the main key to a successful relationship.
  3. Open communication is key.
    Talk to one another about everything, whether it’s a problem or happy news. Your boyfriend/girlfriend is there to support you no matter what. Don’t hide your feelings in your heart, it’ll just bring you to a dark place. Just tell him/her how you feel, s/he will be more than happy to cheer you up or fix it.
  4. Say “sorry” when needed.
    You’re not always right. There are going to be times where your pride gets in the way of your apologies, don’t let it. When you admit you’re wrong and apologize, it helps create a balance in your relationship.
  5. Don’t be stubborn.
    Be open to change, you’re not always right.
  6. Respect one another.
    Don’t bring one another down, instead, lift each other up. If your boyfriend/girlfriend said they don’t want to go swimming. Even if it’s a nice day for a dip, don’t force him/her to. They probably have their own reason why.
  7. Laugh uncontrollably.
    My philosophy is, if he/she makes you laugh, stay with him/her.
  8. Don’t ever give up.
    Keep on trying and don’t ever stop.
  9. Have a filter.
    Don’t just say what’s on your mind. I know I’m guilty of this, but I know that I’ve hurt my boyfriend’s feeling a couple of times with my no-filter mouth. Think about what you’re saying and how it can affect them.
  10. Don’t stay mad.
    We all get mad at on another for different reasons. But when you’re mad at your boyfriend/girlfriend for something, snap out of it quickly. Everybody makes mistakes and just know that if you love him/her, then you’ll know that he/she feels bad enough already. Don’t make it worst by staying mad.

Those are just a few tips I’ve learned in the past 3 years or so, I’m still learning everyday, but all I know is, I want to be happy. Live by those values and you’ll be on your way to a happy relationship!

Much Love,



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