Black sesame ice cream from Matcha Love – large $4.95
Green tea and red bean pancakes with mochi – $2.50/piece Salmon sashimi over rice – $8.50

Let me tell you about Mitsuwa, it’s located in Edgewater, NJ. It’s a supermarket that mainly sells Japanese food items, but there are also restaurants inside. The supermarket itself sells fresh meat and fish, along with fresh vegetables and other non-perishable items. My family and I went to Mitsuwa mainly for lunch, but we ended up buying food for our hot pot dinner the next day. While we were looking for food at Mitsuwa, I stepped outside my comfort zone and got something other than a fried pork cutlet over rice (which is delicious, btw!). As you can see from above, I got myself a bowl of salmon sashimi over rice. It came with a bowl of miso soup and a small container of soy sauce. The salmon was so tender and juicy, and I don’t usually have sashimi! The rice was so perfectly moist and sticky; the miso soup was the perfect amount of saltiness and water. Overall, my meal was a 10/10.

After lunch, my sweet tooth was yelling  – “get me something sweet!”, so I looked around. I usually go for this pancake like substance, where they put red bean paste inside, and mold it into a fish shape. But, I got something different this time. I got myself a black sesame ice cream from Matcha Love. Let me tell you about this ice cream – it was SO creamy and the black sesame taste was SO strong. You were definitely getting what you paid for. Lastly, we also tried something new. I’m not sure what they are called – but they made the dough right in front of your face. It almost taste like a pancake, with a crepe texture. They filled it with green tea and red bean paste, with mochi on the side; so we got two of each. It was really tasty, but definitely not worth $2.50/piece. However, if it’s your first time trying it, I’d splurge on it.

Have you guys ever been to Mitsuwa??

Much Love,


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