Black, White, & Brown

 What an interesting combination of colors, but it worked!  Sunnies: Target // Top: JCPenny // Bottom: TJ Maxx// Flats: CallItSpring

This my professional yet casual outfit. I wore a sheer white blouse with a white tank top underneath, since it was very see-through. Paired it with some regular-ol’ black jeggings and brown flats. This outfit turned out more chic than I though, the colors work super well together and the flats really change the whole look. The brown flats have a wooden pattern detail on it, so it’s not just your plain old brown flats. They are from CallItSpring, which is a brand from JCPenny. Fun Fact: They are actually a brand created from ALDO shoes, so you can get cute and reliable shoes, at an affordable price! I buy almost all my shoes from that brand and they all still look brand new till today.

Have you ever gotten shoes from CallItSpring?? If you did, comment below and tell me your thoughts on their shoes/style!

Much Love,


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