Fun In Pastel

 Pastel is the go-to color in summer besides the obvious white and black.   Top: H&M // Bottom: MANGO // Shoes: CallItSpring    Close up of outfit A closer look at the close up.

Sun-kissed, tan skin, that’s all anyone asks for in the summer. But, sometimes, a girl’s gotta fake it. How? Well let me tell you a little secrets on pastel, white, and black. Pastel comes in many different kinds of colors: baby blue, baby pink, baby green (basically anything with the word “baby”  in it – in my book, that’s pastel) and much more. Check this Seventeen article out and see how you can pair your pastel clothing. Onto the whites, well, pretty self explanatory. White is such a neutral color that matches with virtually ANYTHING. I LOVE wearing white jeans in the summer, it brings out the tan in me and it matches with my natural skin tone so perfectly. It also creates a chic effortless look by pairing it with a nice blouse on top. Check out this Glamour fashion post on the white on white trend. Lastly, black – unfortunately, it will only make you look tan, if you’re already tan. If you don’t like tanning outside, then check out some self-tanners. Refer to my self-tanner review here.

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