Everyone needs a little down time ☕️😌


Photo credit: Jessica Chu // Jacket: Michael Kohrs // Shirt: Wet Seal // Jeans: American Eagle//

Hello lovlies xx,

We all love to go out, have fun, party, work, etc. But, after a long day, we all want to do one thing – RELAX. Here’s a few tips on how to unwind your mind and body.

Tip #1: Take a nap! This can help you regain energy the natural way.

Tip #2: Grab a cup of hot tea. Tea can help you relax your mind with every sip you take. Don’t substitute tea with coffee! Coffee helps you stay alert and focus.

Tip #3: Listen to some soothing music. 🎶 My personal favorite is the solo piano station on Pandora.

Tip #4: Watch Netflix. Catch up on your favorite TV series!

Tip #5: Go for a walk. 🚶🏼It can help you clear your mind and get your exercise in!

If you have any other tips that you personally do and work, comment below! I’d love to know 💕 xx
Much Love,



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