I’m on that see-food diet 

Restaurant: Pandan House // Seafood Soup ($12.99)  // Pad Thai ($14.99)

I went out a few nights ago with my sissy and had a girls night out. We went to a restaurant call – Pandan House, located in Hackettstown, NJ. And let me tell you, the food is absolutely divine! 

I ordered the Seafood Soup in hot and sour, while my sissy ordered the traditional Pad Thai. As an appetizer, we shared a Roti Canai with Curry. 

The Seafood Soup was filled with a ton of different seafood: shrimp, tilapia, mushroom, mussels, and scallops. It tasted so fresh with a little spicy kick. 

The Pad Thai tasted a little different than regular Pad Thai. They didn’t use fish sauce, but instead, used Thai sweet chili sauce. Overall, it still tastes pretty good. 

Lastly, Roti Canai, the portion was a bit small; but tasted delicious. The Roti was flaky and buttery. While the curry was perfectly creamy. 

I would really recommend this restaurant to anyone that lives near NJ/NYC. 
Much Love,



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