MNG boyfriend jeans 😜


Jeans: Mango // Earrings: Monet // Store: JCPenny 

Hey there loves x, 

You know what’s a piece of clothing that everyone should have in their closet? A pair of boyfriend jeans. Why? Because it’s so versatile. It’s lose enough to feel like you’re wearing sweats, but chic enough to look good. 😉 

I got mine at JCPenny, obviously with coupons; because let’s be honest – clothes are expensive. These white boyfriend jeans were originally $60, but they were on sale for $19.99. Then, I had a $10 off coupon with 20% off or something like that; so I also got a pair of earrings ($9.99). The total for the two items came to be – $10!! How awesome is that?  

** Mango is a brand in JCPenny, and it sells such great quality clothing and a lot of it is business casual. 

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Some College Advices

Hello lovelies xx, I want to share my personal experience I’ve had in college these past few years. I am currently a senior in college/university, and I want to share a few life lessons and advices that I’ve gathered throughout the years.

  1. DON’T be lazy! Being lazy is the worst thing you can do at any place. When you are lazy, it makes you tired, unhappy, and not active. Don’t lay in bed all day and watch Netflix. It’s not worth the time and you’re basically just throwing your expensive tuition out the window.
  2. Join different clubs. As a senior, I’ve been apart of 2 different clubs on campus. I am apart of the American Marketing Association and International Club, luckily, I hold an eboard position for both clubs. Clubs not only help you not be lazy, but it gives you experiences you can’t get from classes. I’ve learned so much about marketing from my Marketing Club, and I cannot be more thankful.
  3. Go to the lame-ass school events. Yeah, we all have those school events. But you should go to them and appreciate them. A lot of the school events are run by students. They put a lot effort into it and you should at least go out and support your peers. Not only that, once you graduate, you will NEVER get the chance to attend those events again. So go to them!
  4. Be Active. Take advantage of the FREE school gyms while you can. Gym memberships tend to be expensive. Make a gym schedule with your roommate(s), friend(s), or your significant other. I went a lot with my boyfriend, and we would work out, play basketball, racquetball, or any kind of sports we can find. It was not only fun, but it kept us active.
  5. Listen in class. Teachers, parents, they always advice us to listen in class. They were right. Don’t go on your phone and zone out. You’ll be missing a lot of valuable information. These information are to help you with your future, not only to pass that test. You will thank me later.
  6. Go out of your comfort zone!! Don’t be afraid to try something new. College is all about trying different things, don’t hesitate to do so. This is the only time in your life, where you can do something crazy and be forgiven.

Share your college experiences with me! xx

Much Love,


Marsala – Pantone color of 2015 👌🏼

According to, “Much like the fortified wine that gives Marsala its name, this tasteful hue embodies the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal while its grounding red-brown roots emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness. This hearty, yet stylish tone is universally appealing and translates easily to fashion, beauty, industrial design, home furnishings and interiors.”


Marsala is a GORGEOUS redish-brown, earthy color. It’s color matches basically all types of skin tones. I’ve been seeing quite a few Marsala inspired weddings and dresses. They all look absolutely beautiful and sophisticated. Just look at all the hottest celebs wearing it on the red carpet! This tone really flatters all types of bodies and it brings out the rosey cheeks. ☺️😍

This tone is not only great for women, but it goes really well with men as well. If you want to wear a Marsala dress, then the guy should wear a dark grey suit, white button up, with a Marsala tie. Trust me, it will look amazing.

Show me your Marsala collection!

Much Love,


Should you try Oil Pulling?

coconut oil

Oil pulling is a new trend that everyone is doing, but it has been around for a while. According to WebMD,”This oral therapy is a type of Ayurvedic medicine [a traditional Indian system] that dates back 3,000 years,” says Jessica T. Emery, DMD, owner of Sugar Fix Dental Loft in Chicago.

What do I have to do?
Take a tablespoon of Coconut Oil and put it in your mouth, then swish it around for 5 – 20 minutes. Depending on if you can handle it or not. Start off at 5 minutes, then move onto 10 minutes, then 20 minutes. After the swishing, spit it out…DON’T SWOLLOW IT!!

Why is it so good for you?
Recent studies show that oil pulling helps against gingivitis, plaque, and microorganisms that cause bad breath.
** I told my dad about it and he’s been doing it for around a year. He claims that it helped his seasonal allergies!!

Hope this helps! xx

Much Love,


Everyone needs a little down time ☕️😌


Photo credit: Jessica Chu // Jacket: Michael Kohrs // Shirt: Wet Seal // Jeans: American Eagle//

Hello lovlies xx,

We all love to go out, have fun, party, work, etc. But, after a long day, we all want to do one thing – RELAX. Here’s a few tips on how to unwind your mind and body.

Tip #1: Take a nap! This can help you regain energy the natural way.

Tip #2: Grab a cup of hot tea. Tea can help you relax your mind with every sip you take. Don’t substitute tea with coffee! Coffee helps you stay alert and focus.

Tip #3: Listen to some soothing music. 🎶 My personal favorite is the solo piano station on Pandora.

Tip #4: Watch Netflix. Catch up on your favorite TV series!

Tip #5: Go for a walk. 🚶🏼It can help you clear your mind and get your exercise in!

If you have any other tips that you personally do and work, comment below! I’d love to know 💕 xx
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L’OREAL Sublime Bronze Review


L’OREAL Sublime Bronze in Medium Natural Tan is by far the best drugstore self-tanner out there. 

If you struggle the pale, fair skin syndrome, then I’m with you sista. 👊🏼 (Disclaimer: I’m not encouraging fair, pale skin girls that you have to be tan to look beautiful. I just personally like it when I’m a little tan.) This product does not leave any streaks, and it lasts about 3-4 days if you apply it once a week. (With gloves)

I usually apply it once a week, just to give myself a nice glow. But, if I have an event going on that week. I would apply it 2 days prior. ⬅️ because if you mess up applying the day before, then you’re screwed. At least with 2 days prior, you can let it fade out a little and maybe go to a salon and fix it. 

I would recommend this product to everyone. 5/5⭐️

You can purchase this at your local drugstore. 

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I’m on that see-food diet 

Restaurant: Pandan House // Seafood Soup ($12.99)  // Pad Thai ($14.99)

I went out a few nights ago with my sissy and had a girls night out. We went to a restaurant call – Pandan House, located in Hackettstown, NJ. And let me tell you, the food is absolutely divine! 

I ordered the Seafood Soup in hot and sour, while my sissy ordered the traditional Pad Thai. As an appetizer, we shared a Roti Canai with Curry. 

The Seafood Soup was filled with a ton of different seafood: shrimp, tilapia, mushroom, mussels, and scallops. It tasted so fresh with a little spicy kick. 

The Pad Thai tasted a little different than regular Pad Thai. They didn’t use fish sauce, but instead, used Thai sweet chili sauce. Overall, it still tastes pretty good. 

Lastly, Roti Canai, the portion was a bit small; but tasted delicious. The Roti was flaky and buttery. While the curry was perfectly creamy. 

I would really recommend this restaurant to anyone that lives near NJ/NYC. 
Much Love,


Covergirl Ready, Set, Gorgeous Concealer


Concealer: Covergirl ($6.65)

This Ready, Set, Gorgeous concealer by Covergirl is amazing! This concealer comes in 6 different gorgeous shades, you will definitely find a shade that fits your skin tone. This lightweight formula blends easily on your face and lasts all day. I use this everyday and it definitely stays on all day. This is by far my new favorite concealer, I would definitely recommend this to everyone who needs a good light coverage on their face.

Go to your local Wal-Mart, Shoprite, Walgreens, or any local drug store to purchase this amazing product.

Leave a comment below on how you like it!

Much Love,