My Symbol – Sunflower


If I could characterize myself in a flower form, I would choose the Sunflower.

All my life, I’ve been so grateful that I can feel the sun on my face and be able to feel it’s warm hug on my body. I’m like a Sunflower, I face the sun whenever it’s out. The warmth on my face makes me feel like a million bucks. Some people might find that a little crazy, but let me explain myself a little…
In that moment, I realize how grateful I am to be able to feel this. In that moment, I am radiating happiness to others. A million bucks doesn’t necessarily mean a million dollars; a million bucks could simply mean happiness in life.

In Chinese symbolism, the Sunflower deals with long life, good luck and is considered very auspicious. It’s yellow color signifies vitality and intelligence. It’s a symbol of happiness.

I see myself as a positive and happy person; and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Also, I am Chinese. Therefore, I am the Sunflower.

Much Love,



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