In life, you’ll meet a lot of different people. Cocky people, nice people, humble people, etc. the list goes on. But…humble people are the best people.

For example, there is a worker at my school, his name is Hunter (name change for privacy). Hunter is just a pizza maker and probably makes minimum wage or so, who is a middle aged man that is not married. I have never heard him complained once about his job, he’s so grateful he even has the opportunity to work. One time, he was in the hospital for something and he came to work the same day. I asked him why, he said “because I need the money and I like working.” Besides that, he also doesn’t have a family of his own besides his brother’s family. He’s alone on every holiday and never complains once. Sure, he’s probably lonely…but that doesn’t stop him from smiling. So this Christmas, my boyfriend and I got him a bottle opener machine from 7-Eleven and wrapped it with a scratch off on top. When he saw it, I saw teara forming in his eyes. We asked him to open it to see if he likes it…he simply said, “I know I’ll like it, cause you guys got it for me.”

From Hunter, I’ve learned to be humble and be grateful to the things you have. Don’t ask for more, because somebody out there would be so happy to get something as small as a bottle opener. Why? Because even though it’s just a bottle opener, we were thinking of him when we bought it.

Going back to an old saying – it’s the thought that counts.

Much Love,



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