Want A Flatter Stomach??

Here are a list of foods that are proven to give you a FLATTER STOMACH!!

1. Add Lemon to your water – it helps with digestion.
2. Add more Fruit to your diet! Fruit has a high water content that will make you full and they are full of fiber for digestion.
3. Celery, Asparagus, and Cucumbers – great for a regular cycle.
4. Yogurt is especially important for women’s health because of the probiotic qualities it has!
5.Parsley is great for gas! It eliminates bloating and gas buildup after a meal.
6. Peppermint tea helps regulate your stomach lining to keep things working right.
7. All Nature Peanut Butter speeds up your metabolism because of the Niacin.
8. Ginger is natural in its anti-inflammatory properties. Great for nausea and upset stomachs!
9. Fennel relaxes muscles in your digestive tract. It releases toxins and gas buildup.

Much Love,



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